2013 UCR Elected Board Members

Congratulations to the new board members who were elected by the membership:

President: Walter Murray

Vice President: Arthur Quinlan

Treasurer: Robert Moniz

Secretary: Sheri Whitlock

Director of Communications: Kye Wankum

Board of Directors: Del Bruce, Michael Bryan, David Forbes, Horst Petermann, and Isabel Starck

Thank you to everyone who put their names forward to run in the election and for being involved.

Thank you to the past board for all of their hard work in making our club a success.

This year was the first for Family and Associate Members to be eligible to vote as well. In total, 302 valid ballots were submitted, which represents 9.23% of all eligible members, while 12.2% of all Active Primary Members voted.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone on the 2013 board. It was a good campaign that obviously gave many more UCR members a voice judging by the record number of votes cast. Hopefully this will translate into more active participation, which should be great for our future. Cheers, Phil Downe

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