2015 Autocross Season Update – Despite a late-season start that led to running two events in July – both were a rousing success…

July Autocross-12
By Mario Marrello, PCA UCR Autocross Chair. Photos By Wolfgang Lott Provinz Contributing Photographer (from Provinz September 2015 page 30)

July this year gave us 2 autocross events and each was great success on its own!

July Autocross-13

July Autocross-11On July 5, UCR participated in an autocross event hosted by the BMW Trillium Club at the CTMP Driver Development track. John Venditti and Randy Sparre organized a great event with about 32 cars, 8 of which were UCR members who were regular par­ticipants at our own autocross events.

The DDT event used the entire track, laid out of course with cones at strategic places to keep the course interesting and speeds down. Regardless, there were some pretty impressive runs. The Trillium team definitely put on an impressive event along with a showcase of classic and modern BMW’s held in the DDT parking area for the BimmerCruise event. If the opportunity presents itself again for next year, UCR should definitely consider participat­ing again if UCR members want it.

The second event, held on July 26 at our regular location at the Toronto Star Press Centre in Vaughan was also a super success. Regular follow­ers of the autocross know that we had a late start this year because of construc­tion around the area. However, the construc­tion cranes and excavators flanked the western field well off our regular as­phalt area, allowing us to set up and run the event.July Autocross-9July Autocross-7July Autocross-10


When we arrived early that morning, there were some trailers and construc­tion vehicles taking up space that challenged us to set up a very different course layout.Changes to our start and end points and with the opportunity to use the upper trailer level, we were able to configure a stimulating, but safe and rewarding layout that everyone enjoyed.

I want to personally thank Geoff Sheffrin and Mike Lemmon who both braved the exceedingly hot sum­mer weather to marshall the event. Geoff took over the Start and Mike handled marshalling the upper trailer level. We also got help for many of the partici­pants who had the opportunity to marshall the stop box and upper level. Welcome help, given the hot weather.

July Autocross-2aJuly Autocross-4aJuly Autocross-14a

In addition to the heat, we also were challenged with a technical failure of our timing equipment – the stoplight would not work leaving us with no option but to manually use the equipment to mark a car’s stop. Although it sounds challenging, it did work well but it looks like it’s time for the equip­ment to go in for inspection and repair.

Please note there are only 2 remaining autocross event dates for this year and the September date is rapidly approaching so register now!

  • September 13
  • October 4

Once again, any thoughts or ideas on other auto­cross locations would be appreciated!

Take care and drive safe!

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