2015 Autocross Season Update – Happy Summer everyone!

UCRAutocross-42Story and photos by Mario Marrello, PCA UCR Autocross Chair (from Provinz July 2015 page 28)

As many of the regular autocross participants are aware, we are having a late start this year. I’m writing this article just after having completed the first Street Survival School of the year, but no autocross yet. Why is that?

The Toronto Star location that we normally use for the autocross has been impacted by construction in the surrounding area. Although the construction is not directly affecting the asphalt that we run on; the construction vehicles, mud and dust that has been created has impeded our ability to reserve the location early. Therefore, our first autocross event isn’t until July 26, so it’s finally coming up, and coming up fast – so register now!

We’ve had a number of questions on registration. As with last year, the UCR autocross event has moved to using ClubRegistration.net for registration and this website is used by many regions in PCA and supports a variety of different events. In fact, we will be using ClubRegistration.net for the UCR Rally registration as well and we plan to continue using ClubRegistration.net for autocross, rally and shall include other UCR events in future. I will be interested in your feedback, both good and bad, about this system.

A key point of note is that autocross registration doesn’t open until about 8 weeks before the event. Details on how to register for autocross are provided on our website: https://pcaucr.org/driving/autocross/autocross-registration/. The process is similar for Rally, you just need to find the UCR Rally, scheduled for July 25.

By the time you read this, the BMW Trillium Club autocross event at CTMP is likely to have completed. I shall provide an update on that as soon as I can, so watch for it. One of the PCA mission statements is “To establish mutually cooperative relationships with other sports car clubs” and this is one event that will help us achieve that. It will provide mutual benefit to both clubs.

The autocross event dates for this year follows, reserve these in your calendars now!
• July 26
• Sep 13
• Oct 4

Any thoughts or ideas on other autocross locations would be appreciated!
Take care and drive safe,
Mario Marrello

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