Blue Mountai - 3 Story and photos by Veronica Low, Ramble Participant (from Provinz October 2015 page 18)

Blue Mountai - 6On a picture perfect early morning on Sunday August 22nd, well before Alton Mill’s coffee was brewed, 35 Porsches made their way to the stunning Alton Mills Arts Centre. Seventy participants eagerly awaited their instructions from organizers Don Lewtas and Hazel de Burgh. But something was differ­ent … this was not to be your run-of-the-mill Fun Run! It was a RAMBLE – complete with a 100-point quiz – including questions about our members and their cars, plus some art appreciation questions too.

The stakes were high – and the quiz tough: one had to pay attention (and slow down) or miss a clue that was tucked into the rolling landscape or hidden in a gallery. The day was divided into 3 stages: Stage One revolved around the Alton Mills Art Centre. With just over an hour to visit the various art galleries, we combed each nook and cranny, looking for artists, the preferred medium for their art, and the name of gallery where their works were featured. Some of us took extra notes to come back and buy a few pieces of art – and a few even purchased art right on the spot (delivery, right?). As 11 am came and went, many of us were relieved this was indeed a RAMBLE – as we could skip the optional 15-minute pit stop – giving us precious minutes to solve the art mysteries worth 30 points!

Along the way, there were more art appreciation questions to solve worth 20 points, like identifying what town the horses were in.

Thanks to the great driving instructions, our group of 70 all arrived without any navigational issues by 12:30 pm at Mrs. Mitchell’s for a spectacular gourmet lunch, including a choice of entrees – smoked chicken tender­loin, boeuf bourguignon, fillet of tilapia – and a few art sculptures/items on the quiz.Blue Mountai - 1

Bellies full, minds refocused, we set out on Stage Two, along some spectacular Porsche-friendly roads which took us to the stunning Village of Clarksburg, known as one of the most artistic and picturesque villages in The Blue Mountains. For the afternoon’s route, there were more questions along the way. In Clarksburg, there were 3 galleries to visit, where we had to match the artists to the galleries and identify their preferred medium. Worth another 30 points!

Time was ticking away – and even though this was a Ramble, which doesn’t require cars to stay in groups, everyone had to be at the final destination, Beaver Lodge, no earlier than 3:45pm and no later than 4:45pm. And there was still another Stage – Stage 3 – which took us on a short 5-minute route from Clarksburg to the lovely town of Thornbury – on the banks of South Georgian Bay.

Blue Mountai - 4

The total adventure of just under 200 km was a picture perfect day – with plenty of opportunities for socializing, fabulous roads, spectacular art, gorgeous scenery, some scrumptious butter tarts, and a welcomed glass of wine and cheese at the end of the day.

Thank you to our hosts, Hazel de Burgh, Martin Tekela, Don Lewtas, and Barbara Milton, for yet another fabulous event. We look forward to next year’s event, and take note – this RAMBLE/FUN RUN sells out every year – so sign up as soon as you can!

Blue Mountai - 7

Blue Mountains - 9Results:

1st Place with a score of 81.5 – Veronica Low & Michael Pohlmann

2nd Place with a score of 75 – Dave & Julia Cox

3rd Place with a score of 68 – Guido & Wendy Gallomazzei

4th Place with a score of 62 – Lisa & Greg Abe-Oldenburg

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