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Randy2015Hello UCR!

Following the Porsche principle of intelligent improvements, I’ve moved our President’s Forum to the front of the magazine, giving it due prominence as the first regular column.

The GT4’s are here, dealers around GTA began making deliveries in July to the rebels of Toronto of the long awaited, a step beyond the boundary, last of the monster 3.8 liter normally aspirated flat sixes, that are no longer available from Zuffenhausen, the perfect machine for rampant performance! In its honour, we have dedicated the cover and centerfold article plus captured the dream of one of our lucky UCR members who displayed his GT4 at our August social.

So, as our UCR President requested on the preceding page, let me introduce myself. A car guy to the core, born with a mechanical curiosity, as my mother often relates the story of my first birthday where I received two identical battery operated cars that I had fully taken apart to understand how it all worked, that’s before they got me in front of my cake! Yes, I did put them both back together I am told, so not a destroyer! Born in Ceylon, famous for our teas, and growing up in Sri Lanka, I grew-up in a Cuba of sorts where pre and post war cars survived three plus decades on a small island.

Most cars on the island were European, I taught myself to identify the make and model by the sound of the engine for practically any, except there were no Porsches in the country. The Mercedes dealer was approached by Porsche somewhere in the sixties, they never consummated, and a church friend who worked there gave me discarded brochures when I was 10. That’s when my love affair began. I was totally smitten by the Porsche 356. Through my teenage years, I spent every afternoon at the British High Commission or USIS (now folded into The Department of State) library, as these were the only two locations on the island to read car magazines free!

My introduction continues in future issues…

Randy D. Gananathan


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