2016 Georgian College Auto Show

20160604_5149_editStory and Photos by Wolfgang Lott, Provinz Contributing Photographer (From July 2016 Provinz page 14)

On June 1st, I received an email blast from UCR and it contained some information on the Georgian College Auto Show (running from Fri., June 3 to Sun., June 5). UCR supports Automotive Management students with scholarships, so I thought it a worthwhile cause to check out.

20160604_5137_editI’m ashamed to report that although I’ve resided in the area for a long time, I have never attended this Auto Show (which is in its 31st year!) It is reported to be the largest outdoor student-run auto show on the continent.

Tickets for the show are $5 (if purchased online) and parking is free. The College is near Hwy 400 & Duckworth, practically in my backyard…high time I checked this show out.

There was ample free parking on the Barrie Campus of the College and it was a warm, sunny, Saturday morning.  As I checked in at one of the Admissions Gates, I could hear the unmistakable sound of a Porsche flat-six in the distance! The staff told me that Pfaff Porsche had an autocross track set up on the grounds!

20160604_4793_edit 20160604_5142_edit
20160604_4985_editLooking at the site map on the program they gave me, I noticed that most of the major auto manufacturers were represented (and Porsche too!). Walking down Grizzlies Way (the flat-six music pulled me this way) I observed there was a large Culinary Village set up and chefs were busy creating all manner of delicious items (judging by the mouthwatering aromas). Near the Kid Zone I came across the Batman and his Batmobile! He kindly allowed me to photograph him and his car (yes, I asked nicely…he can be dark and brooding, after all).


I continued past several auto manufacturers’ tents into the Pfaff Motorsports performance area (the flat-six call louder now) and then down to the Pfaff Porsche Autocross Track – the source of the flat-six symphonies. Two Caymans were taking turns power sliding on the wet asphalt! Fire-fighters were on hand to keep the pavement wet and for a $5 donation (proceeds going to Fort McMurray Relief) spectators could occupy the passenger seat while being slid around the small track area! Every passenger exiting a Cayman upon completion of its run was heard to exclaim, “That was awesome!”.

Eventually tearing myself away, I continued to explore the grounds and manufacturer tents. At the Porsche tent (and others) I had the chance to speak with the Automotive Management students there. As a whole, they soundly impressed me with their knowledge, enthusiasm and people-skills!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this Auto Show, but I came away convinced that I’ll be back next year. It’s pretty good! There were no Porsches entered in the Show & Shine, sadly. Perhaps this is something to work on for next year’s show…you in?20160604_4768_edit20160604_4786_edit20160604_4847_edit

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