10 Things I Learned While Driving Fun Runs and Autocross Events in My Cayenne

porsche-Cayenne-image 3Story by Eleanor Gurd, UCR Member, photos from Porsche Media Gallery (from Provinz April 2016 page 22)

 1. I can keep up with the best of you.

2. I can devour the twisties with ease.

3. I can see a lot more of the scenery, and over concrete bridge fences. My, those rivers and streams are beautiful!

4. The higher clearance means I can go over railroad tracks without having to slow to a crawl, and its lots of fun. Whoo-ee!

5. I can bring some friends along and they are still my friends after the Fun Run because of the ample backseat legroom and seating luxury.

6. It is a sports car on steroids, with amazing perfor­mance and handling whether on a Fun Run or the Autocross course.

7. It’s very comfortable. I do not feel every pebble or heave in the road.

8. During a Fun Run, I can buy large pieces of art on the spot and not have to drive back later with a larger car.

9. If the road turns ugly, I can drive through it with ease.

10. I can because my sports car is a Cayenne, a sportscar in sheep’s clothing. Mine is just bigger than yours!

porsche-Cayenne-image 5 porsche-Cayenne-image 4 porsche-Cayenne-image 2porsche-Cayenne-image 1

Come on Cayenne, Macan and Panamera owners— sign up for some Fun Runs and Autocrosses! You will be amazed at what your Porsche is capable of… and you’ll have a lot of fun at the same time!

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