2017 DRIVEN2SMILE: From a UCR Volunteer’s Perspective

By Peter Oakes, Board Director, Photos by Kathleen Wong, UCR President (from July 2017 Provinz page 11)

WOW! What a great time! On June 2nd, the sixth annual driven2smile Family Fun Day was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (“CTMP”, aka Mosport). It was my first time at this UCR-sponsored charity event. Del Bruce and Jill Clements are the organizers of this great day for individuals with physical, cognitive, medical, sensory and/or social-emotional considerations and their families. The day included face painting, arts and crafts, games and activities, visits from Paw Patrol, lunch etc… and, of course, rides around the Grand Prix track with UCR volunteer drivers.

Seeing the kids, who have a variety of challenges, enjoying their adventure around the circuit made me proud to be a member of UCR and to help make driven2smile possible. The kids got so excited and were so happy to ride in Porsches and other types of vehicles. Of course, while some kids were happy with a single ride, others got to go for three or four or more.

driven2smile is a UCR team effort – Del Bruce, Dave Osborne and Stephen Goodbody coordinate the track-side efforts with Jill Clements and her team managing the off-track activities. Thanks to the track team, particularly the UCR Red and Black Run Group drivers who drove the kids, and other UCR volunteers who pitched in. Also, thank you to the local fire service and tow truck operators for providing additional driving experiences for the kids! Who do you know gets to ride in a Porsche, a fire and a tow truck, all in the same day!!

Pictures and videos from the current and past events are posted in the UCR gallery and on: https://www.tlc4u.ca/d2s 

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