End of Summer Rally

Our final timed event of the season

IT WAS A HOT SUNNY DAY and most of the drivers showed up in T-shirts and shorts. It was a perfect morning to start a Porsche Rally. The rally started from Pfaff Motors at Four Valley Drive in the Vaughan area. Porsche drivers started arriving at 8:30 am. The impressively over-sized parking lot was full of hundreds of Porsches and the addition of the 17 entrants did not make an impact, until they lined up for take-off. 

After registration, drivers and navigators had time to mingle with other entrants while they admired Pfaff Motors Porsche collection. Thanks to Diane Kwok for arranging coffee and muffins and the staff for their hospitality. 

The rally literally began at the doors of the dealer’s building and the drivers were given their route instructions and start times before heading off. The first control, set up at the 10km calibration mark, had drivers head back pass Pfaff Motors and then off on a long leg that got exciting quite quickly because of an unpredicted road closure. That had the phone lines ringing! Many cars were able to adjust through this bit of mess by getting redirected or using their phone maps. As organizers, we realized that we had a savvy group of drivers who were well-prepared for their Saturday adventure as most came through without losing too many points. Control two ended in Caledon East at an upcoming restaurant where drivers were able to have a 15-minute coffee and cookie break. The rally ended at Aunty’s Kitchen in Mississauga on Erin Mills Road

The route was scenic. Many twisty and hilly roads were used to make the ride enjoyable. The country side was in peak canopy with a few trees starting to change colour.

The route was scenic. Many twisty and hilly roads were used to make the ride enjoyable. The country side was in peak canopy with a few trees starting to change colour. Despite these natural distractions, participants kept the competition quite close. There were only a few points separating the top five cars. 

Car No. 9 driven by brothers Greg and Andrew Dean came in first place losing only 8 points. Second place was car No. 15 with a father and son crew, Matt and Max. Only one point behind them in third place was Munir Dharamshi and Karim Ladha in lucky car No. 13. Fourth place finishers were David Stewart and Mike Arthur in car No. 3, while fifth place finishers Roy and son Alex Singh, were close in car No. 4. Car No. 5 did really well with all legs, except one where they lost 53 points. Car no. 17 lost their rally sheets when they opened the roof and the papers disappeared into thin air! First time driver Chinzia started the rally without a Navigator so my wife, Gulzar jumped in at control 1 to navigate. There was an 18th car to be driven by Mario, who couldn’t make it as his transmission system packed up as he was heading to the rally and he didn’t have enough time to prepare the other Porsche. Thanks Mario for your pre-rally help. 

Trophies and prizes were given out after a delicious lunch. 

The rally cannot be run without the generous time spent by volunteers and their enthusiasm. Many thanks to check point volunteers, Ashok, Karen, Roula, Hamsha, Imrana, Sadia, and newlyweds Rehan and Amna. I would like to thank my wife Gulzar for helping me prepare for the rally and always making sure things go smoothly. </>

Story by Sajjad Butt, UCR Rallymaster | Photos by Sadia Butt

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