2019 Annual Banquet – Pt 2

Part two of a two-part report from our Grand Annual Gala – A Fireside Chat with Lucas Scarfone and Adam Ivers

BEING A LONG-TIME USER OF SOCIAL MEDIA, and having started off my volunteering efforts at UCR in that space (fun fact: I was the one who opened the @PCAUCR Instagram handle and managed the first couple of posts), Lucas Scarfone is a very familiar name across the internet. The chance to host an interview with him, despite the mild anxiety of doing so in front of a large crowd, was not an opportunity to pass up. 

I was told that Lucas, professional automotive photographer by trade and publisher of Autostrada Magazine, would be the guest of honour at our annual banquet on Saturday October 26 at the Islington Golf Club. The venue would host over 150 members and guests. And after dessert was where the magic would happen (gulp)  – a fireside chat, where I would be given the opportunity to toss questions at Lucas and his friend, Adam Ivers, a 13-year member of the Upper Canada Region.

About Lucas

Lucas was born and raised in Hamilton. He was introduced to high-end automotive culture when he was 13 years old, when he requested his parents to make the trek and take him to Mosport (now known as Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). He amassed his skills in automotive photography primarily through doing – an impressive feat of learning on the fly over the years, leading to a virtuous cycle of establishing clients and, by extension, friendships, in the automotive world. 

Lucas told us he had just completed a photoshoot for Porsche Cars Canada’s “Porsche Travel Experience Nova Scotia”. For this reason, he had the opportunity to drive the 2020 992, the eighth generation of the 911, on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

In 2007, Lucas launched Scarfone Photography through the Ontario Government’s “Summer Company” program. Over the years, Lucas has traveled around the world shooting for clients and he was able to get access to many different events. 

During the fireside chat, Lucas gave us some insight into some of his most recent work, his favourite Porsche and how he gives back to the community. 

Porsche Travel Experience at Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Oct 17-19 2019 

Lucas told us he had just completed a photoshoot for Porsche Cars Canada’s “Porsche Travel Experience Nova Scotia”. For this reason, he had the opportunity to drive the 2020 992, the eighth generation of the 911, on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. At almost 300 km in length, the Cabot Trail follows the stunning coastline of Cape Breton Island. One of his stops on the tour was Peggy’s Cove, which is the home to the famous Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. He also told us how he tried the launch control down the runway at Fox Harb’r resort in the 992.

Besides this unique driving tour experience, Lucas has been shooting at many motorsports events such as the Porsche Cars Canada’s Camp4, Porsche dealership track days and GT3 Cup Challenge Canada series at Mosport.

“Like Father Like Daughter” 

Autostrada is a Canadian-based quarterly print magazine that focuses on the passion and journey of people within the local automotive community. One featured article in Autostrada, “Like Father Like Daughter”, depicted a special father-daughter bond forged from their first unforgettable experiences sitting in a Porsche. The protagonists in this story were Adam Ivers and his now 19-year-old daughter, Kylie. The article featured two beautiful GT3s, one in Voodoo Blue and the other in Pastel Orange, both at the time belonging to Adam who allowed Lucas and Kylie to take stunning photos of these great cars. 

Adam shared details with us on the production of the photoshoot for that particular article, and how this led his daughter to chase her dream as a photographer. Kylie was single-handedly responsible for the set up and production work that went into the photoshoot for the pair of GT3s, from scouting locations, vehicle logistics, down to wetting the floors of the Gulf gas station for a reflective surface at 6:00 on a Saturday morning. 

Check out the original article here.

Lucas’ Favourite Porsche 

As an automotive photographer, Lucas has had opportunities to drive many different types of vehicles, ranging from exotics to heavy-duty trucks. Case in point, the aforementioned 992 that many of our members have not yet had a chance to test, Lucas literally had a set of keys to one in hand, as the one he had been shooting was parked just outside in the Islington Golf Club parking lot during the banquet. The day before the banquet, Pfaff Porsche gave a 992 to Lucas to drive for the weekend and shoot some pictures of the car around Toronto. So it must be quite exhilarating to find out the extent of capabilities in all of these cars and to compare them. Or so I thought. 

Despite being in the constant presence of great vehicles of all sorts, his first and foremost reaction about driving one of these is a level-headed measure of responsibility. He would only drive at a maximum three-tenths while in a client’s vehicle, as he wants to make sure the car is returned in the same condition to its loving owner. This answer came as a surprise to me for the first couple of moments before dissolving into understanding: Lucas simply has an admirable level of professionalism in his craft and respect for the subjects under his lens.

At a fireside chat set up at the annual banquet of a Porsche club, I would be remiss for not asking the question of “What’s your favorite Porsche?” For someone with that level of access, what could possibly excite him? 

Lucas described once where he arrived at a friend/client’s house to do a photoshoot of his car. As Lucas was in the middle of the shoot, the owner got a call from work and had to head to the office quickly. Before he could object, Lucas found he had given up his keys to his own car to the client and was tasked to drive the subject car over to his client’s office once he had wrapped up with the photos. 

The car? A Porsche Carrera GT. 

Open top, with a motorsport-derived V10 just behind the driver’s seat, Lucas described the feeling of bringing the car up to speed at the highway on-ramp. Even at only three-tenths, the Carrera GT’s roar and the feeling of wind rushing through the cabin as the revs built was recollected fondly for our banquet guests.

Give Back to the Community 

During our Q&A period, Adam Ivers spoke up: while we talked about many of Lucas’ professional activities, he wanted everyone to hear about Lucas’ community initiatives as well.

In August 2019, Lucas heard from a friend about a little boy called Nate, who was born with gastroschisis (when the intestines are developed outside of the abdominal wall). Nate is a huge Lamborghini fan, and wished he could see a Lamborghini in the flesh. Lucas immediately reached out to his friends and hosted Nate with a special Lamborghini experience, where he would not only get to see one of these rare exotics, but would also have a chance to start it and see it in motion. 

Lucas said it was an unforgettable moment, watching Nate’s face light up as the Performante engine roared to life. He was grateful to be in a position to have arranged this for Nate and thanked all the special people he knew in the automotive community who made Nate’s experience possible. 

In September 2019, Lucas took part in organizing a fundraiser event for Starlight Children’s Foundation at the Mosport Driver Development Track. This event had sports car owners giving rides to seriously ill children. These children have unique cognitive, medical, and physical considerations. 

In September 2019, Lucas took part in organizing a fundraiser event for Starlight Children’s Foundation at the Mosport Driver Development Track. This event had sports car owners giving rides to seriously ill children (a very similar event to what Upper Canada Region sponsors, in its eighth annual iteration, driven2smile at Mosport Grand Prix Track in June 2019!). These children have unique cognitive, medical, and physical considerations, and they come from multiple organizations such as the Autism Ontario and local chapters and the Down Syndrome associations, etc. 

Lucas urged our Club, as uniquely capable and accomplished individuals, to give back in whatever way we can. Something as simple as sharing our passion, and giving a kid a ride in a sports car, can result in such massive benefits to those who could use inspiration, or just to bring joy and put a smile on a little one’s face.  

Concluding Thoughts

At the end of the evening, Michael Pohlmann (UCR President) presented a Porsche Taycan 1:43 diecast model to Lucas as a small token of appreciation. 

Lucas kindly gave out 90 copies of the Spring 2019 issue of Autostrada (with the cover featuring Rob Dickinson, the visionary behind Singer Vehicle Design) to our banquet participants.

Through the fireside chat, Lucas showed us his ample passion in automotive photography work and the professionalism exhibited towards his clients, the owners of these often special vehicles. In all honesty, none of this came as a surprise as these are all hallmark traits of those who attain success. 

My biggest takeaway from the time spent with Lucas was how down-to-earth he remains; despite the level of success he’s achieved and the vast network of connections he has made through his work. I would attribute this toward his genuineness – building friendships with his clients, as evident through his interactions with Adam. His focus on using his capabilities to give back to those in need further substantiates these thoughts. Our banquet attendees agreed, giving Lucas a well-deserved ovation and welcoming him to our club events any time.

As the PCA motto says, “it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.” 

If you would like to learn more about the Autostrada magazine, you can click here at www.autostradamagazine.com and check out Lucas’ pictures here. </>

By Derek Cheung, Contributing Editor and Kathleen Wong, UCR Past President | Photos by Lucas Scarfone

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