Why Join UCR?

The Porsche Club of America (“PCA”) is a non-profit organization that catered to the interests of Porsche owners. The Upper Canada Region (“UCR”) was founded in 1976 and it covers all of Ontario, except the Ottawa Valley. UCR is the largest region among 145 regions at PCA.  UCR currently has ~2,700 primary members and we have ~4,000 members including family or affiliated members. 

The UCR’s mission is to heighten the Porsche owning and driving experiences. Here is a short interview with UCR Past President 2017-2018 about PCA UCR.  https://youtu.be/BYswnDkbG0A

Below are the benefits of the UCR membership: 

  1. Exclusive Access to UCR Events: UCR is fueled by volunteers. Our volunteers organize ~50 to 60 events for our members every year. About 30% of the events are performance driving events such as Introductory Driving School (“IDS”), Driver Education (“DE”) events at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (aka Mosport), Club Race, Autocross, and Rally. The remaining 70% of the events are for our members and their families, such as Open House, monthly Socials, Driving Tours, Street Survival School, Ski Day, Tech Session, annual Concours d’Elegance, annual Picnic and annual Banquet.  Check out our UCR Events Calendar
  2. Annual membership fee of US$46.00 covers both primary and family/affiliated members: All Porsche owners, who are over 18 years old, can apply for a membership at the PCA. Depending on where you are located, you will be assigned to a region. A primary member can add a family or affiliated member at no extra cost. The supplementary member will have his or her own membership number and enjoy the same benefits as the primary member. Click hereto join PCA online. You need your Porsche’s VIN number and a credit card to fill out the application form. Our primary members can also enroll their children in the PCA Junior Program
  3. 10% off parts, accessories and service at Porsche Dealers if you show your UCR membership card at purchase. There may be exceptions on some services, so please check with the Porsche dealership before you book the service appointment.
  4. Complimentary monthly subscription  to Provinz, an UCR award-winning magazine; and Porsche Panorama, a PCA award-winning magazine.
  5. Full access to UCR websiteand PCA websiteon traditional and mobile devices. We are also active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can just type pcaucr to search for our social media page.
  6. Exclusive access to PCA National events and Regional events in any of the 145 Regions throughout North America. Examples of PCA National events include annual Porsche Parade, Treffen North America, and Werks Reunion. Check out our PCA Events Calendar
  7. Exclusive access to PCA’s bi-annual members-only raffle. https://www.pca.org/news/2020-04-02/enter-spring-2020-member-only-raffle-chance-win-porsche-taycan-4s
  8. Our members can participate in our community events. UCR has been giving back to the community in three ways: 
  • We sponsored a community event called Driven2Smile. At the event, ~80 higher run group drivers from our Driver Education program give rides to 300 children for a few laps at the Mosport race track. These children have unique cognitive, medical, and physical considerations, and they come from multiple organizations.Click hereto find out more about Drive2Smile.
  • UCR supports the Street Survival School (“SSS”), which is hosted by the BMW Trillium Club. This is a one-day driver training program for new drivers within their first ten years of driving. Click here to find out more about SSS. 
  • UCR has been giving scholarships to high-achieving automotive apprentices, attending the Centennial College in Toronto and the Fanshawe College in London.

As the PCA’s motto says, “it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.“ I hope to see you at an upcoming UCR event. If you have any questions about PCA and UCR, please send me an email at retention@pcaucr.org

Kathleen Wong

Past President (2017-2018) and Membership Retention Chair

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