In Memory of John Toth

In Memory of John Toth, 19 Year UCR Member 
Posting on behalf of Viktor Toth, the son of John Toth. John passed away this past Tuesday April 9.

I’m the son of John Toth, who was a member of the PCA UCR and resided in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I wasn’t quite sure how to get a hold of someone or who to notify but John passed away last Tuesday April 9th. He has been a part of the PCA UCR since at least 2001, and I know it was a very important part of his life. Outside of work and family, racing and his Porsche were everything in his life. He was involved in an accident at Mosport about 10 to 13 years ago that saw him break his neck but sure enough he was back on the track within a year. To be honest, my aunt and I tried to stop him from going after his health declined in recent years but he never gave up and went to Mosport as recently as this past summer. At his funeral I’ll proudly be displaying his 2001 Rookie Of the Year plaque, racing helmet and shoes.

It would mean a lot to me and my family if you could inform the appropriate people in the UCR so that they can pass along the funeral information below. I think it would have meant a lot to him if there was an obituary in Provinz as well. He loved those magazines and every time he went to the hospital, which was often, he’d bring a whole stack of them.

John’s funeral will be held  Thursday April 18th at Ogden funeral home. 
4164 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 1T3 

  • Visitation is 12pm-1pm
  • Memorial service is 1pm-2pm
  • Reception is 2pm-4pm

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  1. My condolences to John’s family. As fellow 944 S2 drivers we kept each other company at the slow end of the Black Run Group and tried to stay out of the way of the faster cars. John was a member of the new car sales staff at Parkview BMW and sold my wife several vehicles including her much beloved 335is. He also regularly tried to get her to part with her treasured 968 but without success. We had fun together and he will be missed.
    RIP John.

    Jack Webb

  2. Oh dear how sad. John was my BMW salesman. When he found out I had a P-car, John encouraged me to join Upper Canada Region and track my car. John said you won’t meet a nicer group of people. I joined, I tracked, he was right. Thanks John for all you’ve done. My sympathies to his family. Rest in Peace.

  3. Respectfully, doesn’t anyone have a picture of John, it would be nice to see him taking in the sun at our beloved track, Mosport.?? I do apologize in advance as I can not make it to his “Celebration of Life”, but my thoughts are with the family.

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