UCR Wins Multiple Awards at Porsche 64th Parade

Porsche Parade 2019: Boca Raton, Florida took place July 21-27, 2019, at the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Boca Raton Florida. Parade activities included Concours, autocross, time-speed-distance and gimmick rallies, destination tours, and so much more!

There were also a lot of awards given out and the Upper Canada Region were recipients in the following three;

Botho von Bose 50th anniversary 911 won at Concours;

Kevin Kurnik and his foursome came in 1st place at the golf tournament with 15 under;

The Provinz team led earlier in the year by Randy Gananatham and by Rhonda Rose-Roberts starting with the October edition, won 3rd place in the PCA newsletter contest. The three chosen editions for entry were July, October and December 2018 .

A multiple winner at the Parade, Debbie Pogue won a raffle draw for a US$10,000 Autobahn Adventure certificate at Porsche Parade. Debbie also won 2nd Place in the Art Show – Fibre Art.

Another lucky draw winner in Lillian Kurnik (left) who won a set of Pirelli tires at the Parade Welcome Banquet. Picture courtesy of PCA National.

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