Provinz: Macan Launch

Story and photos by Eshel Zweig, Provinz contributing photographer

With its revised styling, updated drivetrains, and some vibrant new colour options, the updated Porsche Macan is arguably the most youthful and edgiest model in the company’s lineup. With that positioning in mind, Pfaff Porsche decided to forego the formality of a traditional launch unveiling, and took things underground, creating an innovative cross between a nightclub and art gallery in its basement “vault.”

Using an exotic Mamba Green Macan as the center-piece, the downstairs space was transformed with art installations and lounges situated underneath the basement’s car stackers; a huge interactive lite-brite that allowed visitors to create their own art; and a display of sculptures. Local artists featured included tattoo artists from PICKTHEINK, Roshni Wijayasinha (UV light paintings), David Constantino Salazar (stallion sculptures inspired by the Porsche crest), Henry M. C. (torso sculptures), Jack of The Dust (melting skull sculpture). Together with a live DJ and intricate mood lighting, the atmosphere was something you rarely see at a Porsche event.

Also on hand was Monogram appliances, showcasing their latest technologies, including what must be the world’s fastest domestic pizza oven – the showcase at one end of the underground space was a powerful attraction, not just for the pizza, but for the appliances and their integration into a fully-equipped kitchen setup.

Of course, the real star of the show was the new Macan. Over 150 guests (who could have stayed home to watch playoff hockey!) were able to experience its significantly revised interior, powerful sound system, and huge touchscreen firsthand, with sales representative Jay R Tamber giving a brief product presentation. Given the response at the event, the sales personnel at Pfaff Porsche are going to be very busy meeting the demand for this sensational Porsche SUV!

(Provinz: July 2019)

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