Provinz: May Social

New from Porsche for 2020! The beautiful Gentian blue 992
Carrera 4S and gorgeous silver 992 Carrera S.
Story by Kathleen Wong, Past President 2017-2018 Photos by Prof. Helmut Brosz

More than 70 UCR members attended the Tuesday, May 14 social, which was held at the Donalda Club (North York). Donalda Club served a delicious buffet, which included a lettuce salad with a mixture of various greens, together with grilled chicken breast, fresh fruit platter, cookies, coffee & tea.

Welcome to new members Mark Tiainen, William Stewart,
Justin Wu, Anna Rocha, with Kathleen Wong (UCR Past President) and
Michael Pohlmann (UCR President).

After we had finished the buffet dinner at 7:30 p.m., Michael Pohlmann (UCR President) kicked off the evening by thanking Peter and Susan Blake, who had recently stepped down from socials co-chairs after helping us with the monthly socials during the past two years. Michael then highlighted the success of our first signature event of the year – 2019 Open House, which was hosted by 427 Auto Collision. I pitched our second signature event of the year: UCR annual picnic on Saturday, June 8 at the Boyd Conservation Area – Hillview. This is the same venue as last year when we had 500+ members and guests together with 200+ Porsches displayed on the field. Discount tickets are only available by registering online at www.clubregistration. net and tickets will be sent via email before the picnic. Sajjad Butt, Rally Master, is organizing a rally in the morning of Saturday, June 8, with the route starting from Mississauga and ending at the picnic.

Rally registration is also at Michael pitched the Street Survival School which is on Sunday, June 23 at the CAA Centre in Brampton (formerly known as the Powerade Centre). This program is designed for young drivers within their first 10 years of driving experience. Information and registration is available at: Michael confirmed the venue of 2019 Concours which will be held at Wundeba in Burlington on Sunday, September 1 during the labour day weekend. Michael then presented Porsche pins to the following four UCR members, who joined our club recently or attended our event for the first time: Ana Rocha, William Stewart, Mark Tiainen and Justin Wu. The highlight of the evening was the introduction of the eighth generation Porsche 911; the 2020 model 992. Jonathan Thomson (Manager, Product Management and Planning) brought a GT Silver 992 Carrera S and a Gentian blue 992 Carrera 4S to display at the Donalda Club.

These are the only two pre-production units in Canada. Jonathan took our group of 70+ members to check out the two 992s in the parking lot and highlighted the new look :

 1) To aid front-end grip and handling, the front track is widened by 46mm (or 1.8 inches) and the rear goes 39mm (or 1.5-inches) further out compared to the previous Carrera 4 and GTS models;

 2) Aside from the GT3 RS and GT2 RS, it is the first time that the 911 features staggered wheels with 21-inch rear wheels and 20-inch fronts. This should aid traction on a launch and the width ensures a steady supply of grip.

3) The grill, located at the rear of the 992, has nine fins on the left and nine fins on the right with two red bars in the middle said to signify “911”

4) The new continuous taillight strip spanning the distance between the taillights forms a stunning third brake light. Jonathan then fired up the engine and it was just music to the ears. Our group spent about 30 minutes in the parking lot admiring the two beautiful 992s. Our group then returned to the clubhouse and listened to Jonathan’s 30 minute presentation on two technical topics.

Jonathan Thomson, Manager, Product Management and Planning,
Porsche Cars Canada

 1. Lateral Dynamics • A 33% increase in aluminum: the new body shell of 992 consists of 70% aluminium compared to 37% in the 991. With the exception of the front and rear fasciae, the entire outer skin is now made of aluminum.

• A new engine-mounting system: To better control the movement of the flat-six engine hanging behind the rear wheels, the 992 moves the engine mounts forward 8 inches, so the rear mounts are on the engine’s cylinder heads, and closer to the main rear structure of the car. This can provide a stiffer link between the engine and transmission and holds the engine in place more firmly. In the previous 911s, the mount was at the very back of the engine.

• New direct steering: the responsiveness is 10% percent quicker with better feedback.

• Front and rear springs are stiffened: In the standard chassis, the springs are 15% stiffer in front and 14% stiffer in the rear.

2. Acceleration: • 14% larger intercooler and revised intercooler layout: The larger intercooler has moved from behind the rear wheels to above the muffler, just below the deck lid. The larger size increases the cooling capacity.

• A revised turbocharger layout to increase efficiency and power: The new turbochargers have larger turbine and compressor wheels. To reduce turbo lag, the left and right turbos are mirror images, spinning their wheels in opposite directions to ensure that the exhaust from each cylinder bank travels the same path and improves response time. Previously, the same turbo was used for each side and the plumbing was compromised to compensate

• A new eight-speed automatic double-clutch PDK transmission: This is known as PDKII, which features a four-shaft design rather than the two-shaft design of the 997’s and 991’s PDK 1. This arrangement is shorter and when fitted to a housing the same size as the current one, leaves room for an electric motor. The shorter ratio of the gears should bring a more engaging experience because of the need to shift sooner and accelerate faster.

• An increase of 23hp: The turbocharged flat-six engine of the 992 produces 443 horsepower, which is an increase of 23 horsepower compared with the previous model. It takes about 3.5 seconds to go from standstill to 100km/hr.

Silver 992 Carrera S with Gentian Blue 992 Carrera 4S

Below are the standard equipment improvements made in the new 992:

• Wet Mode: It detects water on the road, preconditions the stability control and anti-lock brake systems.

 • Warn and Brake Assist: A camera-based warning and brake assist system detects the risk of collision with moving objects and initiates emergency braking if necessary.

• Dimming mirrors

• Heated seats

• LED headlights replace xenon bulbs as standard:

After the presentation and Q&A, Michael Pohlmann thanked Jonathan Thomson for the informative presentation. Michael and Dagmar Ruehl-Pegg gave out draw prizes to several lucky UCR members. And, the social ended at 9:00 p.m. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kathrin Menge (Customer Relations Manager, Porsche Cars Canada) for arranging Jonathan to be our guest speaker, and Jonathan for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to our members. Porsche Cars Canada has been the National Sponsor of Can/Am Challenge Club Race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (aka Mosport) during the past 23 years and it has recently confirmed that it will sponsor our 2019 Can/Am Challenge Club Race, which will take place at Mosport on August 2-4. I would like to thank Jay and Joanne Diament (UCR members and members of Donalda Club), who helped us book the venue. I also like to thank Rhonda Rose-Roberts (Provinz Editor-in-Chief) for helping at the check-in desk; Dagmar for helping with the prize draw and Professor Helmut Broz for taking pictures. Our Tuesday, June 11 social is at Mandarin Brampton @ 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and the social will follow a Members’ Meeting at 6:00 p.m. -6:30 p.m. I am currently the interim social chair and almost all of 2019 socials are confirmed. If anyone is interested to help with our socials, please send an email to:

(Provinz: June 2019)

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