Porsche’s Finest Four-Doors

Driving Tour Celebrates Macans, Cayennes And Panameras

JUST BEFORE THE WORLD temporarily but nearly completely shuttered itself due to the coronavirus, 22 Macans, Cayennes and Panameras headed out on an invigorating winter’s drive up and down and around the Niagara escarpment, breaking for a delicious multi-course meal directly overlooking Niagara Falls as well as a unique Journey Behind The Falls excursion before wrapping up in historical Old Town Niagara-On-The-Lake.

Carrying 44 club members and guests, Porsche’s finest four-doors were celebrated on this exclusive March 7 driving tour. Just a few days after, many businesses and organizations closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, including this tour’s Niagara Parks attractions.

The weather was bright and sunny, a few degrees above zero, the roads were clear. The route included a cruise up the world-famous, tree-lined and curvy Niagara River Parkway surrounded by incredible scenery — on the right the rushing river, on the left multi-million-dollar mansions.

Along with chef’s soup du jour and a wonderful special dessert feature, the gourmet lunch at Table Rock House Restaurant included a main-course choice of:

  • herb-crusted chicken supreme with maple vidal roasted garlic
  • baked Atlantic cod in a lemon pepper crust with riesling dill sauce
  • wild mushroom ravioli with seasonal vegetables and baby arugula pesto cream sauce

Afterwards everyone descended 125 feet to the base of Niagara Falls to explore 130-year-old tunnels in the bedrock and gain a truly unique perspective of seeing the rushing water right next to where it comes crashing down.

Several club members booked into local hotels, and bed and breakfasts, enjoying a little winter vacation getaway.

A special thank-you goes out to Kimberly Willis (Viney), senior director of business development with Niagara Parks as well as an active PCA club member, for helping organize such great Porsche driving adventures in this wonderful pocket of the province.

If this driving tour sounds like a rip-roaring good time, then keep an eye on the club calendar — a similar summer drive is planned for Friday, July 10. As well, we plan to be back in Niagara Parks on Sept. 6 for a driving tour as part of the multi-region PCA Zone 1 Concours D’Elegance event. (You do not have to be a spectator or participant in the concours, though you are encouraged to do so, as all are welcome to come out to the driving tour.) Hopefully the coronavirus is in remission by this point and the world is back open for business.

If you have to self-quarantine, inside a Porsche is the place to be. Preferably on a great snaky road. </>

Photos by Stefan Walther

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