Brian van Arem’s Iris Blue 993

THE ADDITION OF THE 993 into our Porsche family began with Ian McQuillan, owner of Hockley Autosport. Ian has been servicing my other Porsches for the past 10 years, this includes my ‘86 944 Rothmans Cup car and a ‘75 911 Targa which I’ve had for the past 25 years. I had just sold an Aston Martin Vanquish and I asked Ian that if he hears of any interesting Porsches for sale to keep me in mind.

Two years later in the fall of 2018, Ian called and said he finally had a very special car. He had a client with one of the nicest 993s he had seen in a long time, the client was moving and was looking to sell. I went to look at it that afternoon. Ian was right. The Iris Blue 993 was in immaculate condition. I bought it right there and then. It has been a joy to add the 993 to the family. I smile every time I open the garage door and dream of our next road trip. </>

By Brian van Arem.

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