Geoff Thrasher’s 1997 911

I’VE ALWAYS LOVED CARS, and have had a very eclectic collection over the years from a 396 Chevelle to a 440 GTX, then three Corvettes (1958, 1967, 1971) then a Mercedes 450 SL, etc., in total over 30 cars.

About 10 years ago I decided it was time for a sports car again and went to see a Triumph TR6 at a used car lot in Toronto. It was a little rougher than the pictures online, but something they did have was a 2003 Guards Red 911 cabriolet that looked great. I had never considered a Porsche, but after one drive I had to have it.

I joined the PCA and took advantage of all it had to offer from monthly socials to concours, DE days at Mosport, and autocross events. The 996 was wonderful, but I wanted to get an air-cooled car to feel what the original design idea was. I eventually found my 1997 993 at Pfaff and it has been everything I hoped for and more, a truly analog and exhilarating car to drive. </>

By Geoff Thrasher.

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