Steve Green’s 1995 911 Carrera 4

I WAS ONE OF THOSE GUYS who was attuned to the sounds of an air-cooled engine from when I was a teenager and always hoped to one day have one of my own. In 2008 I took advantage of the Canadian dollar being at par — remember those days?! — to search for a 993 in the US where there was more selection. I found my car through Rennlist from a seller in Pennsylvania who was active on the forums, I flew down and drove the car back home to Toronto.

I decided even before I bought the car that I was going to drive it as much as possible in all conditions and for the first five years it was my daily driver outside of the snowy months. I have a good friend who has a 1987 non-turbo wide-body 911 that happens to have been previously owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. We started a tradition of taking a couple’s road trip every September to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, and to Lake Placid where the driving roads are proper twisties that are so hard to come by in Southern Ontario. We have gone every year for the past seven. This September we are signed up to participate in the Grand Prix Festival in Watkins Glen along with 500 other classic sports cars.

This past summer my wife and I drove to the island of Grand Manan in New Brunswick to visit family friends. That was the longest drive I have done with the 993 to date and I was impressed with how capable these cars are for everyday usage. Great on highways, fun on the undulating roads through upstate Maine, and really fun on the backroads of Grand Manan!

I have been active with PCA UCR events, joining in for autocross, IDS and DE days, group drives and I even participated in a show and shine for the first time. Stories from other members in Provinz encouraged me to make the trip to the Porsche mecca in Stuttgart where my wife and I toured the Porsche factory and the museum. The factory tour is a must!

The 993 has become a fixture in my family and has crept out of the garage and right into our daily lives — annual gift-giving usually involves some reference to Porsche, my favourite gift so far is the custom puzzle of my car that my daughter gave me. </>

By Steve Green.

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