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Norm Dawe’s 2002 911 Carrera

AFTER MANY YEARS and multiple British and American machines, I purchased my first Porsche in 2017, a 2002 911 996.2. I had been a curious admirer of 911s for some time.

I went hunting for a 996 and research was done. My preference was light weight, hence the C2, with six-speed, nicely optioned, blue if possible. A six-month search led me to a car in North Bay, Ontario, a well-optioned Lapis Blue Carrera, 90,000 kilometres, grey interior and sport seats.

Arrangements were made to satisfy my comfort level before taking delivery. The research items we are familiar with were addressed along with some scheduled maintenance, IMS bearing, RMS, clutch kit, water-pump upgrade, lower thermostat, plugs, coils, fluids, belt, new battery, brakes, tires, suspension check and alignment.

Work took place over the winter and I picked it up at noon in North Bay on a briskly cold April day.

Nervous thoughts ran through my mind. I’m about to take an older vehicle, just out of the shop, on a 500-kilometre journey, on a frigid winter’s day. The first few miles were spent familiarizing myself with the ride, steering, shifting and throttle feel. Involvement, interest and growing trust replaced anxiety.

Temperature normal, oil pressure normal, and this thing is planted. A long open stretch begs for some throttle. Oh my, that’s nice! So this is Porsche.

Since that memorable drive I’ve tinkered a bit. Bilsteins for the rear, Fister sport exhaust, IPD plenum to aid breathing, LED lighting for the doors, interior, engine and front trunk. Now at 105,000 kilometres, it performs beautifully. I can report no leaks underneath, half a litre oil consumption per 5,000 kilometres.

Expectations met, exceeded, yes, absolutely. </>

Story and photos provided by Norm Dawe.

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