More Than Just a Car

Peter van Vloten’s 2004 911 Carrera 4S

THE FRIEND OF A FRIEND learned about my search for a Boxster. One was on my bucket list and a potential retirement gift to myself. He encouraged me to look at a 2004 911 Carrera 4S featured online. Not what I had in mind but went to check it out.

I found it in a small showroom in southwestern Ontario among some non-Porsche sports cars. And that was that. Love at first sight! Classic 911 lines, wide Turbo rear, immaculate black metallic paint, a short-throw shifter and an assertive, aftermarket exhaust tone. So, I did what one really shouldn’t do. Bought it on sight!

The last three years have been all-engaging. It’s not just the analog driving characteristics compared to newer 911s and its amazing competency on curved roads and on the track, but also the quirky first gear, winding the 3.6-litre to 4,000 RPM where the real torque kicks in, fixing stuff, the occasional thumbs-up from other drivers, and of course PCA UCR people and experiences.

And sometimes I just go to the garage and look at it. More than just a car. A Porsche classic and a true work of art! </>

Story and photos provided by Peter van Vloten.

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