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PURCHASING A NEW PORSCHE is so much more than buying a new car. It’s an experience that will create lifelong memories to cherish forever. The Porsche European delivery program takes the Porsche buying experience to the next level. The night before, you won’t be able to sleep. The night after, you won’t want to. Get ready for the ride of your life. If touring Europe sounds like fun, imagine how fun touring Europe would be in a new factory-fresh Porsche? The European delivery program represents the ultimate vacation for driving enthusiasts.

Following the key presentation and vehicle orientation in one of the iconic vehicle delivery bays, it’s time to drive. This is gratification at its finest. Now get behind the wheel of your brand-new Porsche and enjoy the road ahead.

You always remember the first time. Especially the first encounter behind the wheel of your Porsche sports car or SUV, negotiating turn after turn in the countryside on a Sunday afternoon. The feel of driving on open roads, with the wind flowing through your hair, all while listening to the addictive engine note emanating from those polished exhaust tips out back. Picture yourself touring the very factories that build the cars of our dreams, up close and personal, in Zuffenhausen, or take a lap on the dynamic Porsche circuit in Leipzig. Zuffenhausen focuses more on the history of the sports car while Leipzig promises a sporty driving experience. You’ll decide whether you’re more historic or sporty, however, the experience that follows will be nothing less than pure exhilaration and excitement. Following the key presentation and vehicle orientation in one of the iconic vehicle delivery bays, it’s time to drive. This is gratification at its finest. Now get behind the wheel of your brand-new Porsche and enjoy the road ahead.

So how does one make that ultimate vacation a reality? It can be done in just four easy steps:

Step one: Order your new Porsche from an authorized Porsche Centre in Canada for delivery at the factory. Once the date is confirmed, you need to complete a European delivery order form and agreement and include a legible copy of your passport and driver’s license.

Step two: Pack your things and fly to Germany.

Step three: After a complimentary taxi ride to the Porsche factory and one free night hotel stay included, meet your correspondent and your first few hours are spent as a guest of theirs. A factory tour allows the opportunity of following in your Porsche’s footsteps during its creation. Enjoy lunch at either factory in the VIP dining room and shop in the exclusive Porsche boutique. After that, you can visit the Porsche Museum and stroll through a half-century of sports car evolution in Zuffenhausen, or experience the state-of-the-art facility in Leipzig, the birthplace of the Porsche Cayenne. Only thing left after that is to feel the anticipation build.

Step four: Of course, the best is saved for last. A Porsche delivery consultant hands you the keys to your new Porsche and acquaints you with its operation and features.

What happens next is your call. Whether you choose to discover the charm and history of Germany, or sprint to Paris, Rome or any other exciting European city of your choice, or even feel the raw power of your Porsche on the Autobahn, or head off-road with the Cayenne or Macan.

Porsche’s all-inclusive program includes factory delivery, shipment of your automobile to Canada, marine insurance, collision and third-party insurance.

Once you’ve completed your European tour and are ready to return your Porsche for shipping overseas to Canada, the closest remote drop-off location to Zuffenhausen is Sindelfingen, as you cannot return the car to Zuffenhausen, or you can also return it to Leipzig. If preferred, you could also make alternate arrangements for dropping off the vehicle for return shipment in a number of major European cities. Additional charges will apply to cover the transportation cost. Detailed information, including contact information and pricing for each drop-off location will be sent to you with your European delivery package, or you can request this information in advance from your responsible Porsche Centre or from your European delivery specialist. Your Porsche is fully insured for the return shipment, but personal items left in the car are not covered, so be sure to remove any personal belongings from your new Porsche prior to turning it over for shipment. The international registration booklet will also be needed in order to leave the car with the shipping agent.

Upon arrival in Canada, Canadian customs clearance, if applicable, will be arranged as a service to you. Porsche Canada can transport your vehicle to any authorized Porsche Centre.

No matter what you decide, Porsche provides the keys — the rest is up to you. </>

Story by Derek Chen, Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto Marketing Manager | Photos courtesy of Porsche AG

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