Top-Down Snowmobile

OUR NEWLY ACQUIRED 2004 Cayenne Turbo had sprung a leak from a $30 plastic coolant T-fitting which turned into a huge repair with eight hours labour, so a winter trip to Muskoka got derailed and we ended up piling all our luggage into a loaner 2011 Boxster Black Edition with a frunk and trunk and snow tires to go to a condo at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville and enjoy some country winter roads. Not a bad trade-off.

We didn’t miss the Cayenne too much in short time, except for storage space and being able to see past all the trucks on the highway. But hey, suddenly we had a top-down four-wheel snowmobile. Amazing handling! As always in a Boxster. The excitement was already building just driving it home on the 401. It took some creative packing to move everything from a Cayenne into a Boxster but we managed and were off to the great white north. My wife Christine drove this bad boy through a snowstorm to get back to the resort one night, and even though the snow was freshly falling and unsalted, the car didn’t slip one bit. I was nervous but we got back very safely. Ditto for the back-country roads with lots of fresh powder. The mid-engine balance kept it moving along nicely. Great feeling to be driving down country roads with the top down, mid-winter and snow flinging by from the snow tires gripping strong. It’s really no problem at all if you’re dressed warm enough and keep the heat on. My 951 is good in the snow with the 50-50 weight and rear tranny, but this guy was even better! The only sad thing was to see it coated in white salt after a wet outing.

We even had a police officer pull over to ask us if we were warm enough. Nice change from being asked how fast I’m going. “Yes officer, we’re doing just fine.”

So I got the Boxster bug from this Black Edition and from a different 2000 model done in metallic black with the red interior that I almost purchased. It looked amazing in this combination. I had the bank draft in my hand, but I changed my mind over the rear plastic window and not quite enough power for my liking, as well as a driveway getting a tad full and IMS bearing stories. I do want to own a Boxster one day, it’s just a super-handling fun car to drive. Something to look forward to. The Boxster is not just a summer toy. It does all seasons beautifully. A picture is worth a thousand words. — Stefan Uriadka

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