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AT C17 MEDIA, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Over the last few months, we’ve been fortunate to provide educational value to the PCA UCR community in the form of feature articles covering everything from race liveries to paint-protection film. The truth is, many of these articles only provide a high-level preview of each service. As such, we are excited to host a virtual tech social — combining elements of a usual monthly club social with those of a tech session — with the club on the evening of Tuesday, May 11.

In our quest to further contribute knowledge to the community, we believe PCA members will benefit greatly from an intimate look at how we bring each of these services to life. During our session we will show you the process behind installing paint-protection film (PPF), windshield tear-offs, and cut vinyl graphics, while also answering any questions you may have.

To provide a bit of background, C17 Media started over 10 years ago as a commercial print shop serving the business-to-business community in the Greater Toronto Area. Specializing in both small- and large-format print, you may also know us as the proud printer of Provinz and, over the years, we have grown to serve a diverse clientele in the automotive, food and cosmetics industry.

With our passion for motorsports, it was only natural to leverage our experience in large-format print and installation, utilize our in-house capabilities, and expand our service offerings into vehicle paint protection and appearance services. Originally, we began offering these services on the back-end to dealers and race teams, but this division has been a growing part of C17 Media over recent years. We have been trusted with protecting and enhancing the appearance of a unique array of high-calibre vehicles including a one-of-77 Porsche 935.

Although we’ve established a brand identity in the marketplace using C17 Media, in order to better serve our automotive clientele and create a clear segment between our automotive and print offerings, we’ve rebranded our automotive division to C17 Auto Armour. Under C17 Auto Armour, we will continue to operate as a one-stop shop — in the same 14,000-square-foot facility as C17 Media — delivering paint-protection film, windshield-protection film, race liveries and colour-change wraps while upholding our promises of customer service, quality work and timely delivery.

Whether you’re waiting for a new arrival, have just taken delivery, are looking to revitalize your current Porsche, or would just like to learn more about these services, we look forward to having you join us on May 11 for a dynamic and informative social. For more information on the services we will be discussing at the social, visit our newly launched website at </>

Story and Photos by C17 Media, Provinz Advertiser

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