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A FEW YEARS AFTER PORSCHE LAUNCHED the 986 Boxster that quite possibly rescued the 911 from extinction, and any other future models for that matter, another brainchild came out of the Porsche bag of tricks: a brand-new SUV arrived on the market. What?! An SUV from the leader in sports cars? You bet.

The criticisms that piled onto the Cayenne at the time have since faded into oblivion. The Cayenne has since grown to be one of the most popular models for new Porsche purchasers for a vast array of reasons.

This writer remains a proud owner of a 955 Cayenne S, the first generation of the model, and, yes, the headlights are fried eggs. Detractors, please note that this headlight style is ever-increasing in acceptance with the new-found passion of the same-era 996 911 and the 986 Boxster. The phrase used now is “retro cool.”

I will admit to having had mild temptation to swap my 955 for a 957 or, for a fistful more dollars, a 958. At about the same time, however, questions float into the deliberation that starts with a distinct “why?” With a very robust and reliable 4.5 litres and 345 horsepower, why trade for smaller displacement and horsepower? With every great option in this vehicle, like adjustable air suspension, PASM, cruise control, heated seats and steering wheel, comfort-oriented power seats, 7000-pound-plus towing capability, the most storage capacity of any Cayenne, plus a bevy of added options — why change?! Okay, the PCM is a bit dated and archaic, but that has been upgraded with a top-of-the-line Pioneer that is awesome. Candidly, it brings a slight smile to my face when those without Porsche-ology knowledge comment, they guess the vehicle is five years old or so, imagine that.

So, this writer can report to you with confidence, that this Cayenne S, that provides all the required utility and comfort one could hope for, will see us matched together indefinitely, definitely. </>

By Marc Etherington

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