2003 911 Turbo Widebody Coupe

WITH SPRING APPROACHING, there is no better way to celebrate the change in seasons than a drive in a 911 convertible, whether it is with the musicality of a naturally aspirated flat-six or the spooling sound of twin turbos, the sensations surround you. After four convertibles this may appear to be a preference but in fact it is not. My first 911 search spanned 12 disappointing months for a coupe. After putting the search on hold for the winter, an incredibly good salesperson convinced me to go for a drive in a Carrera S convertible in the middle of December. He sold a convertible on that cold December day. 

My searches continued as I experienced different generations and developed a preference for a turbo version of 911, specifically with the Mezger engine. The convertibles have just been more affordable and available than a coupe for quite some time and hasn’t changed.

Fortunately, I came across a 911 Turbo coupe for sale in Vancouver. The Martini car, with every imaginable performance modification using parts from Porsche, FVD, KW, HRE and TechArt, built to match the performance of a 997 GT2 RS, only falling short with it remaining all-wheel drive. I had never seen a TechArt widebody conversion with the front and rear fenders widened and this drew me to the car instantly, reminiscent of a 930 Turbo which was my poster car growing up. 

The shop or builder of this 911 deserves accolades for blending the performance of a 997 GT2 RS, widebody silhouette of a 930 Turbo, onto the controversial saviour of Porsche, the 996.

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