1989 928 S4

MOST OF US KNOW THAT THE 928, released in model year 1978, was at one time intended to replace the 911 as Porsche’s halo car. At the time, it was viewed as the marque’s official foray into modernity, with a water-cooled V8 engine mounted up front. As Porschephiles, most of us know the legend of the engineering office visit where then Porsche CEO Peter Schutz disrupted a posted product-planning chart by drawing an infinite arrow out the office door and into the future for the 911’s production life — this was the writing on the wall for the 928.

The transaxle’s production continued until model year 1995 with sales dwindling and the model saddled by 911 purists turning up their noses at it. It has enjoyed a rebirth in popularity in recent years as the market rediscovers its power, refinement, and GT package offering comfort, even some practicality.

Pictured is a 1989 Porsche 928 S4 owned by David Case, who is the lead for UCR’s 928 Special Interest Group. He bought this car in 2004 and it was his first foray into ownership of a car beyond daily driver. He remembers well the trip to Indiana to pick it up. With all plans in place and reflective of the time, he flew on a Friday, traveller’s cheques in hand, looking forward to a pleasurable drive back to Ontario over the weekend.

The best-made plans are often laid to waste, however, and after booking his flight, President Reagan’s funeral was scheduled for the day of his flight, resulting in a national holiday and closure of all banks. He managed to find a way to get his traveller’s cheques cashed to settle up with the seller the next day, enjoyed the ride back and has savoured the car ever since. </>

By David Case

If you’re interested in the Porsche 928, join the Special Interest Group. Contact David Case at sig928@pcaucr.org

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