Porscheplatz Pleasures

ONE OF THE PLEASURES OF VOLUNTEERING is seeing how much participants enjoy an event. I didn’t do parade laps at Porscheplatz this year, but it was a joy seeing our members getting out of their cars following that experience, chattering and exhilarated.

Of course, parade laps are not the only things enjoyed by people who bought Porscheplatz tickets. There were presentations by Mobil and Michelin, plus the hot pits experience. Lunch was served each day and the big-screen TVs in the expansive tent kept everyone attuned to the action if the sun was too much. As well, Operation Motorsport had a successful auction to honour military service members and veterans.

The highlight of the July race long weekend, for me, was the Pfaff garage tour, which included some great questions from this young fan. My question was, “Who came up with idea for the tartan livery?” Laurance Yap, our host and Pfaff creative director, answered, “When Pfaff received the car in December, and because it was so cold, a lot of the team were wearing red tartan coats.” Laurance just tried that plaid pattern on the car and then took the idea to Chris Pfaff, who said, “If the team thought it would work, then to go ahead with the design.” Not only were there a lot of fans dressed in various Pfaff plaid gear all weekend, but we understand it is very popular south of the border.

The drivers for Pfaff — Matt Campbell and Mathieu Jaminet — spoke and posed for photos with lots of fans. They are factory drivers on loan from Porsche, which pays their salaries, which is nice for Pfaff. Campbell and Jaminet won their class and will be moving up to the prototype class in the 963 prototype next year. (See Shoulder Check on page 46.)

I think all of us had a good weekend and we hope to see you again next year. </>

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