VIP Niagara

ON SEPT. 9, UCR MEMBERS EXPLORED one of North America’s most impressive, most popular and most powerful natural wonders — Niagara Falls — as well as several also-incredible nearby attractions along the Niagara River, on an exhilarating driving tour and exclusive experiences, from the best vantage point possible: the cockpit of their Porsches.

A plethora of exciting and rare opportunities awaited as PCA UCR was granted unprecedented access to the magnificent Niagara Parks, including a very special visit and exclusive look at the 115-year-old decommissioned Canadian Niagara Power Plant that has been recently enhanced into a breathtaking immersive 3D sight and sound attraction — with newly-opened-this-year, lower-level Tunnel attraction next to the rushing river — along with a scrumptious gourmet multi-course dinner at Table Rock House Restaurant overlooking the mighty Niagara Falls (and with reserved Porsche parking), as well as a cruise through picturesque Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The day’s extraordinary events began with an early-afternoon meet-up just off the QEW in Vineland and a blast through some wonderful twists and turns, ups and downs, in Niagara escarpment back country.

In 1943, Winston Churchill called the curvy meandering road along the Niagara River “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world.” For this driving tour, however, we plotted the route on a Friday for less traffic and fewer tourists.

The driving tour travelled through Queenston Heights. Did you know this is where Niagara Falls was originally located 12,300 years ago? Erosion has taken it away 11.4 kilometres down the river. Just one of many trivia tidbits that were gleaned on this, always one of the most talked-about driving tours of the season.

For those who stuck around — and who were willing to brave the falls’ relentless mist — we gathered at 10 p.m. at the end of the power station’s Tunnel for a very exclusive, very impressive and spectacular view of the crackling and bursting nightly fireworks.

This third rendition of the Exclusive VIP Behind-the-Scenes Niagara Falls Driving Tour certainly lived up to its lofty title and won’t soon be forgotten by the 53 UCR members and guests who got to experience it.

Special thanks to co-host Kimberly Viney Willis, and to UCR Chief Photographer Eshel Zweig for capturing the sights so perfectly. </>

Photography by Eshel Zweig

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