Pesto Powered GT3 Touring

MY AUTOMOTIVE JOURNEY STARTED when I was 13 years old. Armed with my parent’s Nikon F50 film camera I would attend local events, track days and cruises to take photos and document all the incredible sports cars I loved so much. My parents were never into cars, but they didn’t hesitate to drive me hours away from home so I could have these special experiences. 

Over the past 20 years my passion for photography and Porsche have grown immensely. I have been fortunate to photograph several events and vehicles around the world for clients ranging from personal owners to dealerships and manufacturers. Most recently Porsche Canada gave me the opportunity to take European Delivery of their Cayenne Turbo GT press car which I documented in Autostrada Magazine, co-founded in 2015 by myself and business partner and fellow Porsche owner Sean Patrick. Oh, if only 13-year-old Lucas could have glimpsed into the future to see where a camera would take him! I have met so many incredibly passionate owners who have truly taken me under their wing and opened doors to experiences I could have never dreamed of.

Fast forward to February 18th, 2022. It was -8 and cloudy as I saw the transporter pull up to Porsche Centre Vaughan. At the culmination of an incredible series of events, I was there to watch my first sports car arrive, a 2022 Porsche GT3 Touring. After the driver used a blow torch to thaw out the lock, the rear doors opened and there it was…my “Pesto GT3”. The Porsche Gods must have been looking down on me, because as soon as it rolled off the trailer the clouds parted and the sun made the Forest Green Metallic paint dance. 

I remember telling myself when I was a kid that if I was fortunate enough to own a sports car I would drive it as much as I could, so mission accomplished!

Even as I type this I still can’t believe it’s actually my car. Over the last year I have driven it 27,000 km to dozens of events, track days, cruises, charity events, road trips and anywhere else the road would take me. I remember telling myself when I was a kid that if I was fortunate enough to own a sports car I would drive it as much as I could, so mission accomplished! This car has been such a big part of my life that it’s hard to believe that I’ve only owned it for less than a year. 

Some ownership highlights so far include taking my son Enzo and wife Alyssa around the track (slowly) for the first time when he was 3 months old, raising $50,000 through my Pesto GT3 Touring for Starlight campaign, winning the “Spirit of Driving” award at the 2022 Cobble Beach Concours, participating in the “Rare Shades” event with 000 Magazine, and having my car on display at the 2023 Canadian International Auto Show. Being a photographer I’m lucky to be able to capture these special moments through my lens and I look back at those photos often.

If you pop the “frunk” you’ll see the signatures of hundreds of friends and family on the plastic trim. These are all people who have supported and believed in me every step of the way and owning this car would not have been possible without them. It’s been said many times, but my Porsche is so much more than a car to me. It’s an encapsulation of a dream, an expression of design and a platform to give back to the community that has supported me on this journey. Every time I get behind the wheel I know that the 13 year old kid with his parent’s film camera would be proud. See you on the road. </>

Story and Photos Provided by Lucas Scarfone | Porschephile Editor: Stephen Oakley

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