It’s, It’s… a Car Number Blitz

Just so everyone has fair notice we are going to do a car number blitz at the August DE. I’m sure you are all aware that car numbers are a necessary safety measure. Not only can we contact drivers, but we can determine who is in what car at any given moment. That’s important to students trying to find their instructors, flaggers trying to identify a problem driver or car, and emergency personnel that we dispatch to assist you.

Your medical file lets the care givers know exactly what your medical conditions are with no delay. I always follow the numbers rules because if I was unconscious (most mornings before 10 am) I don’t want anyone to mistakenly give me a cat. I’m allergic to cats.

So, for those who don’t read the information about the event you are participating in, here is the short explanation: you must have 6” numbers in a contrasting colour on both sides of your car so the flaggers and tower can read them. You must have a 4” number in a contrasting colour on the rear of your car so other drivers can identify you. “But Dave”, you say, “I can’t get 6” numbers in the rear quarter window of my car.” To which I reply; “I don’t care”. Bring painter’s tape, magnetic numbers, or whatever works for you but we will be checking in August. We recently saw a dark colored 911 with tiny little dark blue numbers on a black tinted quarter window. We couldn’t read them at 10 feet. They aren’t a fashion statement; they are a safety device.

It occurred to me that I never mention the companies that contribute to our club. Some advertise with Provinz, and others sponsor prizes, the Club Race or something as simple as being a Tech Centre. I don’t expect anyone to take out a mortgage if their prices are out of line, but it would be nice if we all tried to send some business their way. It will let them know that they are appreciated and encourage them to contribute in the future.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve had to cancel the October dinner. That isn’t something I wanted to do but I’m sure you are all aware how expensive food has gotten in the past year. When I sat down with the track’s new menu saw that the additional charges that one dinner would have cost us close to $7,500, I was shocked. Not only is that not in our budget but I think it’s an obscene amount for one meal. Years ago, we used to have the occasional Munchie Buffet Social after the track closed on Saturday. We would get together in the classroom to share a beverage and munch on snacks, fruit and veggie trays. It was a great opportunity for our drivers to get together and tell lies about how fast they are…. lol. I’ll arrange one for October and all you have to bring is your charming personalities.

As mentioned in a previous article, we’ve had three Michelin Tire give-a-ways this season. Michelin in conjunction with Gord McNeil have provided us with $1,000 gift certificates toward a tire purchase. Everyone knows that tires are one of the biggest consumables for track drivers, so being able to lessen the pain for three lucky winners has been great. It also brings everyone together to see who won the big prize. So, make sure you come out in August as we take our chances at the last thousand dollar draw this season. What makes it even better is that the new IDE novices will also have the opportunity this time. Good luck everyone!

Speaking of the IDE, I wanted to pass on how successful this program has been so far. Kudos to Peter Carroll for coming up with the idea to combine novice training with a regular DE. The interest has been overwhelming, and we will again fill the Green run group mid-season. The participants will go directly from the Saturday classes and exercises to the Green group on track Sunday. The IDE program teaches the basics to those who wish to continue in DE. It also gives the instructors comfort that everyone has learned the same things. That provides a measure of safety for everyone involved. Because we use Paddock C (just below the washrooms) for the IDE exercises, that Paddock will not be available for parking on Saturday.

For those who ask I want to explain our current guest policy. You are welcome to invite your family or friends to attend the events with you. However, our days are busy, so we can’t be running out to the gate to admit someone during the day. Please have your guests with you when you attend registration on Saturday morning. I also sit at the gate in my pickup from 7:45 until 8 am sharp on Sunday to assist any stragglers. If your guests are not PCA members, I’ll need to know in advance so we know whose guests they are and admit them.

We’ve reached the middle of the track season so please come out and have some fun with us. Track driving is fun, safe, and educational and we’d be happy to share the experience with you. </>

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