Muskoka’s Curves and Cuisine

Porsche owners of UCR embarked on the second thrilling adventure of the season, exploring the magnificent landscapes of Muskoka. Despite road closures and construction projects, participants remained undeterred, eagerly anticipating the rewarding experiences that lay ahead.

Organizer Eric Wang ensured a seamless tour by coordinating participants from various regions. The starting point was Porsche Centre Oakville, with staggered launch points at Tim’s in Scarborough and later in Lindsay, providing a convenient and inclusive experience for all.

Even as obstacles were overcome, the forces of nature threatened to dampen spirits. However, the Shaman of Stuttgart, metaphorically representing the spirit of Porsche, intervened, dissipating the dark clouds, and revealing a brilliant blue sky.

With engines fired up in Lindsay, participants lined up, filled with anticipation and excitement. The road ahead was clear, and the weather was on our side, setting the stage for a memorable journey.

The club motto, “It is not just the cars … it’s the people,” encapsulates the essence of the driving tour. This article aims to capture the deep connections between Porsche owners and their vehicles, focusing not only on picturesque scenes but also on personal experiences.

During the tour, participants shared their origins, the cars they were driving, and their favorite features. Barry Ewen from North York, driving a 2017 Carrera 4 GTS, expressed his love for the gas pedal, which brings him instant joy and happiness. The power and acceleration of the Porsche never fail to exhilarate him.

The planned route covered approximately 310 km. The road, CR 36, guided them through a captivating landscape where shades of new leaves blended with the deep green of evergreen trees, creating a natural tapestry.

CR 507, a challenging road with twists and turns, awaited the group. Terry Mocherniak from Uxbridge, driving a 2014 911 Carrera S, praised the road’s exhilarating curves and demanding nature. He emphasized the exceptional handling of the car, which instilled confidence and stability, allowing him to push the limits of performance. The distinctive sound of the Porsche engine also added a special element to his drives.

Eric Wang’s meticulous planning and organization contributed to the overall delight of the participants. Eric, driving a 2015 911 GT3, shared his excitement about the engine’s sound when revving up to 9,000 RPM. He emphasized the captivating engine note and acknowledged the car’s imposing presence.

The journey continued on CR 503 and CR 4, the scenery transformed into graceful farm country, with sprawling fields dedicated to crops and livestock. Lesley Thouret, driving a 2022 911S Cab, appreciated the power and agility of her Porsche, comparing it to the remarkable agility of horses. She emphasized her heightened awareness of nature while driving, consciously taking in the beauty of her surroundings.

As the group approached the final stretch of road, CR 10, thoughts turned toward reaching the destination, NOMI, for a well-deserved rest and a delectable meal. John Hume from Toronto admired the captivating silhouette of his Porsche, which exuded beauty and elegance from every angle. Michael Jordache and Ingrid Federer, also from Toronto, highlighted the freedom offered by the hardtop on their 50th Anniversary Boxster/Spyder. They marveled at the nimble handling and precise driving experience, which provided a smooth and dynamic ride.

After a refreshing break, the group celebrated the introduction of new Porsche EV charging stations at NOMI, which exemplified Porsche’s commitment to supporting the evolving needs of its owners and extending the freedom of electric mobility.

The tour organizer, with the assistance of Porsche Centre Oakville and NOMI owner Elise, expressed their enthusiasm for hosting the driving tour. The motivation to organize the tour stemmed from a desire to contribute more to the club and showcase Porsche enthusiasm.

Barry and Louise Zilberberg from King City appreciated the power and confidence exuded by their Carrera 4 GTS. They relished the invigorating and captivating driving experience, savoring the moment the engine roared to life.

Dinner at NOMI was a gastronomic delight, with every course receiving accolades from the participants. The perfect timing allowed for collecting more reactions and insights, including the liberating sensation experienced by David and Lucy Adams, driving their 2010 911 Targa 4. The combination of performance and the joy of sharing the road created an unmatched experience and treasured memories.

As the evening concluded, participants either stayed overnight, enjoying the patio ambiance, or embarked on the long ride home.

Porsche quotable: “We challenge our roots, but never our origin.” </>

Story & Photos by Marc Etherington

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