Colourful Muskoka

As the last (sadly) UCR tour of the season commences, it presents a unique opportunity for our drivers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking tapestry of fall. The landscape is a mesmerizing blend of colours, with some trees having already shed their leaves, with others standing resiliently, their foliage still tightly clinging to the shades of summer green. The entire scene is a captivating palette, with rich tones of yellow, orange, and russet coming together to create a visual feast for the eyes. It’s a testament to the season’s serene beauty and the transformative power of nature, offering a moment of reflection and appreciation for the ever-changing world around us. Although mesmerizing, no one was distracted from the destination at the end of the day’s trek – more on this later.

The group gathered at a Scarborough location, and after a brief stop in Lindsay, the caravan of cars set off on their journey. Despite a week of forecasts predicting rain for the drive, the weather remained clear throughout the day, attributing this unexpected change to the Shaman of Stuttgart for clearing the skies. This naturally allowed everyone to fully appreciate the day’s adventure and the autumn colours along the way. 

In contrast to many summer tour groups, this autumn assembly counted just two convertibles among the varied vehicles. However, for those not in attendance, it’s worth noting that the weather conditions created a perfect day for those with the option to put their tops down. The clear skies and mild temperatures contributed to a great atmosphere, allowing all participants, regardless of their vehicle type, to bask in the day’s pleasantness and the vibrant fall scenery. 

Throughout the journey, the group had the opportunity to learn some interesting tidbits about one another. Notably, our tour leader, John Hume, revealed his enthusiasm for rapid acceleration when traffic lights switch to green. It added a playful element to our trip, though it was shared by a reliable source that no driver exceeded the speed of 110 kilometers per hour. Honest. This ensured that while there were moments of excitement, safety and adherence to road rules remained a top priority for everyone involved. 

As we like to do on tours, drivers are asked about different topics. This time we asked for thoughts on their favorite tour of the season, and ideas for a new tour for next year.

Some of our happy group were quite pleased with this tour. Justin Warren from Guelph, driving a 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera T, shared his fondness for the current tour as well as a memorable trip to the Hamilton Airplane Museum. He suggested exploring Otter Road for its fantastic roads, with a possible overnight stop. Similarly, Nisha Agarwal of Toronto expressed her delight in driving her ’22 992 Carrera 4S during the tour, appreciating the winding roads and fall colors. She mentioned Prince Edward County as a potential future destination. 

We welcomed a few first-timers for this tour. Ellie and Peter Hillen joined their first tour in their 2000 convertible. They enjoyed the experience and suggested a scenic route along the lake from Port Burwell to Port Dover, as well as exploring Highway 21. Luis and Mariah from Ajax were participating in their first event with their ’15 911 GTS. Though they didn’t have a specific destination in mind for future tours, they were open to suggestions. 

Even with the amazing vista of the fall colours, and with the satisfaction of tackling the Porsche-licious curves, as the kilometers clicked by along the route, appetites for the destination at the final stop came more into focus. The operative word is ‘appetite’ as when our cars were parked, engines shut off, the facilities of Nomi resort, and dinner service, beckoned, and did not disappoint. Before mealtime those choosing to stay overnight did their check-in, others ventured off on ATV excursions, while our Taycan drivers hooked up to the Porsche charging stations. Dinner service, accompanied by a vocalist, was diverse and quite tasty. This writer and a few others, however, were challenged with the exceptionally hot spice of the seafood cakes.

Among our more seasoned tour participants, the outlook was a bit more focused. Anand Iyer from Toronto drove a Taycan GTS Sport Turismo and marked the current tour as the favorite of the two attended this year, suggesting Hockley Valley as a future destination. Don Ruhle, driving a 2017 911 GTS, preferred the tour to Deerhurst driving tour and stuck with Deerhurst forever and for all time. Barry Yuan from North York enjoyed driving his 2019 Cayenne, highlighting as well the Deerhurst overnighter as his favorite tour and suggesting a different overnighter to Thunder Bay. Troy and Rina from Milton, driving a 911 C4S, were already brainstorming ideas for a new route through Prince Edward County. 

There was a supplemental tour segment led by Barry that traversed more of the Muskoka miles. The drive took on a different tack than the day before as the full weather front held back for day one pounced in full force. Ha! Just another chance to show off Porsche driving diversity. </>

Story and Photography by Marc Etherington

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