36-Hour Air, Water, Fire & Earth Tour

By Dr. Jay David PCA UCR Member, photos by Jason & Gloria Figueiredo (from Provinz July 2015 page 22)

I feel compelled to write and share my sincere appreciation towards the hosts of the 36-Hour Tour that was held May 23-24. Having only been a PCAUCR member since May 3rd, this was my first tour. Without a doubt, it’s clear that I’ve joined a great organization with a high caliber of talented Porsche enthusiasts.

DSC_0275 - 36 Hour Fun RunJason Figueiredo and Matteo Bavaro compiled the events of the tour with careful planning, drawing on their personal experiences. Quality assurance is bar none as Jason Figueiredo with his young children in tow even went on a one-day trial drive of the designated route a few days before the tour. Jason’s passion and enthusiasm for art, history, architecture, food, automobiles and overall zest for life is truly worthy of merit as a world class Porsche brand ambassador.

Preferred Parking - DSC_0667
Preferred parking

Fireworks by Taylor Swift Show
Overlooking the fireworks at the Taylor Swift Show












To simply summarize our journey is like a true-to-life social media in which you’re engaged with an intimate small group of people who share the same interests and views in life. We were blessed with immaculate weather over the two-day event. Breathtaking views and high spirited Porsche style driving routes were just some of the highlights of our 36-hour Gran Tourismo. Stories shared amongst new friends over sumptuous epicurean delights were well deserved after a day of driving. We were greeted by a warm welcome at the hotel and our cars were safely parked in a designated Porsche club area, as nothing beats peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

DSC_0256 - 36 Hour Fun Run
Oh! What a feeling!

Having long work hours at a busy medical practice certainly makes events like this a memorable one. I’m already looking forward to the next PCAUCR social and most definitely looking forward to Jason Figueiredo’s and Matteo Bavaro’s next event.DSC_0188 - 36 Hour Fun Run

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