944 CORNER – Back at it

Darren MG_5454By Darren deRoos, UCR Member (from Provinz July 2015 page 40)

Spring sure seemed to show up in a hurry for me this year. I hadn’t done a whole lot to my 944 this winter except make plans for the maintenance work I knew had to be done before the car would see the road again. It had been half a decade since the timing belt, water pump and associated parts needed to be changed so I knew it was imminent, I just couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on all the parts I required. Plus there was all the stuff I wanted to do because you might as well do it, you know, while you’re in there.

I didn’t exactly go about the job the right way. Usually I would buy all my parts first, and then start taking the car apart and replace as I go along. Well not this time. I figured I’d be proactive and start taking everything off the car, make my list and order everything at once. Bad idea. I tore the whole front of that motor off and made my list but realized I needed so much stuff I’d have to purchase the parts in stages. There were a lot of parts, and most of them are subject to the Porsche tax, so I had to save up for a while.

I could have probably bought some cheaper parts, but that’s not how I roll. I did all my research to find out what the best parts were for each area and ordered accordingly. Some parts would come directly from Porsche, some parts would come from the USA and some could be ordered on a Canadian parts website that I use frequently.

Having an older brother that has owned two 944s meant he had all the special tools needed. Tensioner wrenches, the belt tensioning clicker, a homemade tool for holding the balance shaft pullies and best of all, his brain. My brother, Andy has done the maintenance work to numerous 944’s, numerous times, and having that experience proved invaluable during this job.

Unfortunately, I have automotive ADD. I never stop thinking about the next car. Whether it’s replacing my wife’s minivan, my daily driver or my 944, I am always thinking about cars, and even motorcycles. Spring came along this year and my 944 was in pieces. I got antsy. I peruse many car selling websites every day and 911’s and Boxsters started looking pretty good to me. I’ve also always wanted a Dakar style BMW motorcycle so I started checking them out too. Every day I’d have to tell myself to refocus on the 944 but every sunny day we had my loyalty shifted away from my non-running garage stricken red lump.

Thank goodness for my wife and brother. They were able to shift my focus back to my front engined waterpumper. Talk of DE weekends helped me to centre my attention back to where it never should have left. I had finally pulled the trigger on the last few parts I needed and made a schedule with my brother and we got to work. Things went quickly and within a week the car was fired up and taken for it’s first drive. Ahhhhh, that’s better. In that work I was able to sort through a few drive-ability issues that I was having last year with the supercharger. Now it was pulling hard and cruising well. I can’t believe I let my mind wander away from my baby, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

I have put quite a few miles on it recently and it’s getting better every day. I can’t wait for our first event so I can really stretch it’s legs. I’m still hoping to get it on a dyno at some point to do some more tuning and a conversation has even started about maybe getting it painted. At least now I know that all of the required maintenance is done as well as cleaning up some more of the engine bay and removing some more weight from the car. I’m so glad to be back at it.

Happy Cornering!
Darren deRoos

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