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944 CORNER – Dream build

Darren MG_5454By Darren deRoos, Provinz Assistant Editor (from Provinz April 2015 page 34)

I love to dream. It’s one of my favourite pastimes. I find myself constantly dreaming about doing cool stuff. Vacation dreams about lapping the Nurburgring in a GT3, garage dreams about full machine shops, lifts, welders and 944 le Mans replicas, and work dreams about wrenching on 944 le Mans replicas and testing GT3s on the ‘Ring.

Dreaming is fun and very healthy, it keeps me thinking and persevering and working hard so that one day maybe I can turn those dreams into reality.

Being a car guy and dreaming go hand in hand. It’s so easy to drift off for a few minutes while thinking of big brake kits, V8 engines, and flame-thrower exhausts. The nice thing about owning my 944 is much of my dreaming gets turned into reality.

While I wish sometimes I could drop my car off at a specialized tuning shop and get a fire-breathing monster after a few weeks, there sure is a level of satisfaction involved with dreaming up plans for my car and then working my tail off to make them a reality.

I have only begun to scratch the surface in terms of turning my 944 dreams into reality, so I figured I could come up with some cool ideas for what my “dream” 944 build might be if I had unlimited resources. Now close your eyes for a second and cue Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver”, this is my 944 Dream build.

As much as I love the 944’s 2.5L engine, nothing is dreamier to me than a snarling V8. While I agree that the Porsche Flat-Six has few equals, for the sake of my front engine rear drive car, a V8 is the wisest option.

Porsche has offered many V8s over the years, most notably the original 4.5L V8 in the early 928. While this is a decent choice, being this is a dream build, I figure something more modern, and powerful should grace my engine bay.

Think about the Panamera Turbo S’s 4.8L V8 with 570 hp and 590 lb/ft of torque in overboost mode. Overkill? Maybe, but c’mon how fun would that be? Mated to a proper manual in the form of a beefed up 968 6-spd transaxle with Limited slip. This is what dreams are made of!

This type of power would surely require a reinforced chassis. A full FIA spec rollcage, complete with buttresses, a semi-tube chassis front structure and made from lightweight materials will ensure strength and safety compliance. Coupled with a fully seam-welded body and subframe strengthening, unleashing almost 600hp will be easily obtained without the fear of the car twisting in half. I’d also increase the size of the rear wheel tubs to allow for 315 wide tires to try and harness some of that insane torque. Or maybe we can adapt the Panamera’s AWD system! Mmmmm…dreamy.

As I write this I can picture all of it in my head and one of the features of my dream build that would be most exciting is using Porsche carbon ceramic brakes. Ultra lightweight and fade free braking as well as incorporating the super-cool GT3 centre lock wheels. This would bring my 944 into supercar territory. Carbon fibre wheels would complete the quest for super light weight and up the dream factor by 10. The massive yellow calipers behind some stealthy flat black carbon wheels makes my heart race.

Turning my attention to the interior, there is no doubt in my mind that I would love a 991 inspired upholstery in my 944. I really like the centre stack that’s being incorporated into the new line of Porsches; grafting one into an old school car would be amazing.

Add in a mix of modern Alcantara and classic houndstooth and I’d be in dream car heaven. A full install of sound-deadening material would keep the interior a nice quiet place and, of course, fully cooled seats and modern air-conditioning would make it an environment I’d never want to leave.

Time to wake up. I guess what I’ve realized with my dream build is that I’d love a modern day supercar wrapped up in the classic body of an early 944. Porsche, are you listening? Maybe remove the rear doors of the Panamera and shorten the wheelbase considerably, essentially creating a modern day 928/944 type car. Dare to dream.

Happy Cornering!

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