a day in the life of a grid nasty 2012

By Neil Dowdell

friday morning july 6th. arrive at mosport (ctmp) at 7am. grab a mcmosport and a milk for “breakfast”. it’s already 30C!  sign in at registration and head up to the grid. terry is already there and has dug out the numbered grid discs’ and together we lay out “our” grid. 8:30 is the drivers meeting and we hold our own along with lee, justin and phil! at 8:50 the d.e.cars begin to arrive and we line them up in two straight rows. we check them for correct wrist band, todays inspection sticker and any obvious defects. we release them to the track. later the 1st race cars arrive and we go thru the same checks before releasing them. in the afternoon it’s hot, hot, hot at 37C and humid. jack webb in the print room(tower) has the fridge stocked with cold water and I brought 2 water spray bottles for us. we have long pants,shoes and hats on along with lots of sunscreen. the race cars begin to get serious and we angle grid them according to their lap times. this is when it gets exciting and somewhat dangerous for us. together we guide and park the cantankerous beasts in their correct spots. tower calls 5 minutes and I sound the air horn and hold up the 5 minute sign. repeat same with the 1 minute board. tower says release the “hounds” and off they go as we “grid nasties” breathe a collective sigh of relief. a shower and supper can’t come soon enough !

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  1. While those tasks may seem repetitive Neil, its the efforts of you and all of the volunteers that make our events safe and enjoyable. You can all be proud of the jobs you did. Every participant that I spoke to during the weekend was impressed by UCR’s professionalism at staging our Club Races. Congratulations all:-)

    2012-07-11 07:49

  2. As a racer, my colleagues and I really appreciate your efforts to keep a very impatient bunch organized and on time. We feel for you, especially as we also sit on the grid slowly melting in our full racing gear. thank you!

    2012-07-18 13:25

  3. thanks dave and james. as a many years ago x-racer being a grid nasty is a labour of love and great fun. i have robin virtue, andy wright, martin tekela and der spieg amongst others whom have “shown me the way”. it’s been 7 years on the grid and despite infirmities creeping in hopefully a few more years.
    great fun,thanks to terry and all the racers !

    2012-07-19 16:03

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