A Flurry of Activity

May DE ends in a blizzard

By Emily Atkins, Provinz Editor

Photo By Mark Gardiner

Photo By Mark Gardiner

For once CTMP (Mosport) can’t hog the spotlight for bad weather. The freakish storms that wiped out the final runs on Sunday due to “accumulation” on the track were experienced throughout southern Ontario, giving everyone an equally soggy, slippery Mother’s Day.

Notwithstanding the very questionable weather, the May DE offered UCR members both new and old a chance to take in the newly upgraded track at CTMP (Mosport). By all accounts the track is living up to expectations and offering a good driving experience.

The new tech form and helmet inspections took a little extra time on Saturday morning, but the new tech line chief, Wallace Bradley, had a well-planned system that made it all run on time.

One major difference for volunteers particularly is the new tower location, across the track from turn 10. It’s a fairly long hike to go cross country—down to the frontstraight bridge, then back across the newly seeded grass in front of the conference centre and up the slope to the building’s entrance. The smart option appears to be taking the car through the new tunnel, which may not be too heart-healthy, but it does help ensure you make your run group without missing precious track time, and it’s drier when it snows.

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