A RALLY VOLUNTEER SPEAKS: The Passion of Participation – Inspiration Without Driving 

By Halah Butt, UCR Rally Checkpoint Volunteer (from June 2017 Provinz page 40)

Grey skies and a weather forecast of rain and wind was no obstacle for UCR members on Sunday, April 30th as everyone registered showed up for the season opening Spring Rally. Participants arrived bright and early at the starting point at Meadowvale Club. After a brief welcome speech, driver/ navigator meeting and check-in sustained with doughnuts and coffee, volunteers and participants moved out to the starting point. Volunteers headed out first to take positions at the checkpoints, followed by Porsches departing at one-minute intervals. We entered each car’s arrival time in checkpoint sheets and permitted them to leave for the next checkpoint. The exact distance and the precise times are recorded when each participant reached a checkpoint.

Volunteering has given me closer insight into behind-the-scenes planning and operating of a rally. Helping at a checkpoint, I realized just how much effort and precision is needed to participate and win a rally. Not to mention how much planning goes into creating a route that participants may enjoy while following route directions without street names and finding markers or points of interest to be recorded for points. Creating a smooth ride for participants, required detailed and precise accuracy to plan a well-organized drive. It’s all thanks to everyone behind-the-scenes, assuring that everything is in order; double-checking and ensuring there aren’t any bumps on the route.


The route, carefully planned out, winded through beautiful, forested areas of Caledon and Terra Cotta, proving to be not just an exciting rally route, but also a scenic drive through Ontario’s budding forests and countryside. Porsches of all models and colours made a wonderful picture as they glided down the roads, past green fields made vibrant in contrast to the light grey skies.

Our Rally ended at 427 Auto Collision, where participants exchanged stories and visited the many booths whilst enjoying fresh barbeque and refreshments. We volunteers gathered to calculate the rally scores, and when the rankings were placed in order, Rally Chair Sajjad Butt gave an excellent speech before announcing the winners. Trophies were handed out, congratulations were given and cheers were shouted out. While leaving with a free Porsche poster in my hand, fellow volunteer Roula, turned and said to me eagerly; “Despite the cold, I cannot wait for the next one!” Her enthusiasm matched the rest of the crowd, as each left with a cheery grin and a promise to take part in the next rally.

PCA UCR members are passionate to their hobby, their sport and their community, showing that be it rain or gloomy weather, when people are passionate enough about something, nothing can stand in their way!


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