A Visit to the Porsche Experience Centre

Ted Youngs - DSC09661By Ted Youngs, Edited by Kathryn Braun (from Provinz June 2016, Page 16)

How do you get to spend quality time with a dear grandson, who you don’t see nearly as often as you would like?

Well, in my case I arranged a trip to Atlanta, GA, over the Easter weekend, with the highlight being a day at the new Porsche Experience Center.

Ted Youngs - DSC09672Many of you will be familiar with the Center, with some having actually attended, so I won’t go into a lot of details, just an out­line of how it worked for David and me.
I had ordered a Boxster “S” for each of us at the Porsche Experience Center. I opted for the 7-speed PDK. I’ve always liked “shift­ing for myself”, but having heard so many good things about PDK, I was curious. Quite honestly, I would consider it in the future for my next Porsche purchase. David opted for manual, and in so doing, he got a $100 bonus – a Boxster GTS. He loved it!

We had 90 minutes each of driving time with our coach. All components of the Driv­er Development Track were covered except the Off Road Circuit – that was restricted to the SUVs.

We got to do each component four or five times. I asked my coach to drive each one first, with me in the passenger seat. He races a 911 – and he scared me until I got used to him! It’s just amazing, what our Porsches can do!

Ted Youngs - DSC09654Both David and I did well. We “wiped out” only on some of the low-friction parts, as everyone was doing. Our coaches kept urg­ing us to go faster.

When we finished with the cars, I asked David if he thought it was worth the price of admission. His response, “My God! Are you kidding?”

A great dinner at the 356 Res­taurant was a fitting finish to an awesome day.

We completed the week­end with a visit to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. It is one of the world’s largest and not to be missed.

As David and I approach our shared birthdays (I will be 86 and David will be 29 on April 20), we appreciate knowing we have this shared experience to keep in our memory banks for many years to come.

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