Executive Bios

Stefan Walther, President

In 2016, Stefan joined the Porsche Club of America, Upper Canada Region and attended a few events, and then in 2017 became very active — hosting five driving tours and volunteering for many other events including socials, the annual picnic, Street Survival School and more. Stefan was also honoured with the Enthusiast of the Year award.

In 2018 Stefan stepped things up even more taking on official roles as driving tours chair, social media editor and insurance chair.

In four years, Stefan has hosted over 20 driving tours including introducing winter tours to the club, served on the board of directors, and in 2019 took 28 club members and their guests on the first-ever PCA UCR Porsche Germany trip.

His education is a university marketing degree, his work experience is a mix of journalism, having worked on staff at several media outlets as well as performed a lot of freelance reporting and editing, and marketing, operating his own successful marketing company.

Stefan’s volunteer experience includes the humane society and many fundraising events for many different organizations. Stefan looks forward to giving back even more to the great Upper Canada Region of the legendary Porsche Club of America

Jackie Metcalfe, Vice President

Jackie was born into a UCR family and attended her first PCA Club Race event at Mosport in 1996. She has attended nearly every UCR Club Race since then as either a crew member for her dad during the 16 years he raced his 356 or as a volunteer, most recently as a part of the Club Race Committee acting as Grid Captain and volunteer coordinator for the 2018 & 2019 Club Races. Growing up in the country outside of Woodstock, Ontario, Jackie learned to drive around the family property at a young age and has loved being behind the wheel ever since. She now drives a 968 at Club DE track weekends and is the liaison between the UCR Track Team and the Board of Directors.

Since getting more involved with the Club in 2018, it has become very evident to Jackie that UCR is not just about the cars, but about the people. Jackie is passionate about planning and hosting successful Club events that work to bring together a diversity of Club members. From monthly socials and high-performance driver education, to tech sessions and driving tours, PCA UCR events provide the opportunity for Club members to meet up with likeminded folks and bond over the cars that bring them together. While on the Board, Jackie hopes to continue to contribute new ideas and help with strategic planning to ensure ongoing success of the Club and its events. She also hopes to encourage and captivate the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts and provide more opportunities for women in the Club to network.

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys hiking, doing stained glass work and catching up on the latest sports updates. Jackie currently resides in Richmond Hill and works for Stantec Consulting as an Environmental Scientist focusing on surface water resources for mining and pipeline projects.

Michael Pohlmann, Past President

Michael Pohlmann PicWR1

Michael remembers at the age of seven seeing a family friend’s Porsche 356, and how amazed he was with the shape and how different this car was from anything he had seen. Four years later while in Germany his Cousin, a Porsche mechanic, brought home a 1973 911 RS. That day forever confirmed Michael’s passion for anything Porsche and he knew that this was the car for him in the future. Michael today is a true Porschephile collecting anything Porsche related, including over 250 collectible Porsche race posters, Christophorus, a concours winning 1989 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe, a 1986 944T and the most recent addition to his collection, a 2016 911 GTS Club Coupe. He travels to Germany every two years to visit both Porsche Factories, Museum and to drive the Nurburgring Nordschleife and organizes 10 day automotive trips for his close “car-guy” friends. Michael has been a UCR member since 1998 and has actively participated in the club’s karting series, fun runs, awards banquet, monthly socials, Concours and earlier in 2015 started with DE and as a volunteer for the Street Survival School. Michael has worked in corporate commercial real estate since 1987 and has developed a strong business acumen and is highly respected in his field. Currently Michael is responsible for National Bank of Canada’s corporate real estate.

Kevin Choquette, Treasurer

Kevin is a former Capital Markets and Banking Professional. Prior to retirement he was Managing Director at Credit Suisse covering the Financial Services sector as an equity research analyst. Kevin also worked for Scotia Capital and First Boston as an analyst and Co Director of Research at Levesque Beaubien with 30 years in the industry. Prior to the securities industry Kevin was in the banking industry holding roles such as Treasurer and Controller and Board Member at Seattle First Bank Canada and Vice President at Irving Bank. Kevin is a CFA , CPA.

Jill Clements, Secretary

Jill Clements is looking forward to the opportunity to serve as Secretary on UCR’s Board of Directors. She fulfilled this role in 2015 with Walter Murray and Mike Bryan as Presidents.

Jill became a member 10 years ago. Since then she has founded, Co-chaired and developed driven2smile, UCR’s largest annual charitable endeavor. Jill was voted Enthusiast of the Year for her ongoing efforts in 2013. In a similar show of enthusiasm, she also provides the children’s play area and supports the commemorative craft activity at our Annual Picnic.

Steven Revoy and Jill were commended for launching six Cayenne focused fun runs in 2015.

Jill is an active participant in the Driver Education program, frequently attends our monthly Socials, volunteers at La Mans weekends and Shift into Spring. Serving as Secretary she sees as yet another means to contribute to UCR’s ongoing growth and success.

Christopher Hebert, Director

In the mid-80s, with a 930 poster tacked to his bedroom wall in Halifax, Chris got his first drive in his father’s friend’s 928 – and was instantly hooked on Porsche for life. The lust for four wheels and an engine now fully entrenched in his mind, he took automotive mechanics as electives throughout high school, and came away with a solid foundation knowledge of how cars work – or at least how they used to work before the bits and bytes took over.

With a career mainly focused on leading creative, marketing and digital teams at some of Canada’s top brands – Chris has been honing the craft of storytelling for more than two decades. After business school, he kicked off his career as a magazine creative director at Maclean Hunter – then quickly adapted as print media transitioned to digital media, by working on the digital components of brands like Sympatico, CraveTV, CTV, TSN, Much, Discovery etc. Since 2015 he has led the marketing team at SideFX – a Toronto-based company developing Houdini 3D software – used to create visual effects by movie studios like Disney and Sony, and game studios like Ubisoft and Epic Games.

Chris has had 911 ownership on his bucket-list for many years – and finally pulled the trigger in late 2017 – and joining PCA UCR almost immediately after that. His 2002 C2 Cabrio is his daily driver, autocross and track stallion, and Sunday morning open-top chariot. In late 2019 he joined the Provinz editorial team, and launched Provinz Digital (https://provinz.pcaucr.org/) in early February 2020 and UCR TV in October 2020. Chris is working on Provinz Digital, which has become a valuable sibling to Provinz Magazine, featuring interactive content like videos that can help bring our terrific stories to life. As a big fan of the 996 series, he volunteered to start and lead the 996 Special Interest Group in early 2020. Chris won the Enthusiast of the Year Award in November 2020.

Larry Funnell, Director

The first hint of Larry’s Porsche bug was a photo of a 914 on his wall as a teenager. Life got in the way however, and it wasn’t until 2005 that thoughts of a Porsche resurfaced after sitting in a Boxster at the car show.  Finally in 2013 after a six month search, he found a 2006 Boxster that met his requirements, snapping it up in November just in time to park it for the season. Amazed at the driving experience and comfort, when it came time to replace his daily driver he focused on a Macan, pulling the trigger the day the Volkswagen scandal broke.  So much for the potential diesel option!  European delivery had been selected, and while waiting Larry joined UCR in early 2016.  Larry thoroughly enjoyed the European deliver and wrote an article on his adventures for Provinz.

After a rather apprehensive venture to a social, where a warm welcome was experienced, Larry jumped into driving tours with both feet, participating in seven in the first year, and then going on to organize the Spring Muskoka and Muskoka Lock Driving Tours.  In 2021 Larry will become the Driving Tour Chair, overseeing ten plus driving tours, along with the Muskoka and Lock Tours Larry had led in the past, assuming the Covid-19 situation is under control.   Talking with other members at these events set the bug going to get on the track, so he enrolled in DE, which he continues to enjoy.  Retiring from manufacturing in 2017, Larry has found more time to spend time with his grand-daughter and woodworking.  He has expanded his volunteering into other aspects of the club such as Street Survival School and grid work for Club Race, finding the events an excellent opportunity to admire cars and talk with other passionate members of the club.

Roger Stopford, Director

Roger is an enthusiast of all things Porsche,  and is an activist in building community amongst Porsche owners interested in the technical side of the cars.    From teenage experience working with mechanics in the UK auto shops of family and friends, racing motorcycles and modifying cars for rallying and autocross, Roger has always enjoyed the car world and the company of fellow enthusiasts.  Working on his early Porsches and working with other enthusiasts to maintain these great cars got him hooked on Porsche.   After 20 years with PCA,  Roger is well on the slippery slope that so many fellow enthusiasts know, and owns several of these great cars, including 968 with M030/220, 991.1 C2S PDK, and Cayenne Diesel.   With his son Mike about to join him in DE white group the decision was made to escalate the hardware a notch.   A fabulous road & track 944 Turbo was added to the stable, and the M030 968 was sent for a significant package of track prep work.   Can a race car be far off?

Having worked in Europe and with European companies and family-owned businesses, Roger appreciates the Porsche family history and the challenge of continuing the core brand values into the future, a challenge shared by PCA as Porsche continues to develop into new directions.  Contributing to UCR in the areas of tech sessions and special interest groups strengthens the club’s connection to traditional aspects of the Porsche world.

Roger is retired from a career of executive leadership and management in the aerospace and defense industry. but finds lots to do and contribute in his many hobbies and interests in the worlds of equestrian, non-profit Board Director, marine and automotive environments, and family spread now across Ontario, UK and Germany.

Kye Wankum, Director

Kye Wankum joined UCR in 1988, after owning a black 356 convertible for a couple of years already. Growing up in Germany, it was a given that he would be a car enthusiast but a distinct childhood memory of seeing a black, with gold accents, 1973 Carrera RS carelessly parked across a Hamburg city sidewalk, really drove the enthusiasm for the Porsche marque and its mystique and folklore home.

Kye has owned, collected, raced and generally enjoyed quite a number of air-cooled and a couple of water-cooled Porsches, since joining UCR and participating in the Driver Education program early on, which he considers to have been an excellent steppingstone for his many adventures in amateur and professional racing that followed. Also, early on, Kye participated in a number of PCA Parades as well as UCR Concours events. The nineties ended up being filled with vintage racing in the US and Canada to the tune of more than 10 race events per year, from Homestead and Daytona in Florida to Road America in Wisconsin, culminating in the purchase of a Porsche factory race car to compete on the international level with in 1999. After three seasons of making a small fortune in professional racing around the globe, Kye went back to vintage racing, which he pursues to this day.

With retirement from a career, first in advertising and design, and then in commercial real estate development, which took him abroad and commuting to Europe and the United States for several years, Kye found it was time to give back to UCR and, in 2005 took over the role of Provinz editor for nearly eight years through 2012, while also helping out with a number of other UCR events. For 2013, he became the club’s first Director of Communications. From 2010 through 2015, Kye also co-organized six UCR Concours events before taking a hiatus from club activities for three years. In 2019, Kye was back as Chair of Advertising & Sponsorship as well as the Co-Chair for the UCR Concours held in Burlington this September 2019.

Today, Kye is running a small private restoration shop together with his son Zachary and two friends, where they specialize in the complete restoration of long-hood Porsche 911 Coupes from 1965 through 1973.