Executive Bios

Michael Pohlmann, President

Michael Pohlmann PicWR1Michael remembers at the age of seven seeing a family friend’s Porsche 356, and how amazed he was with the shape and how different this car was from anything he had seen. Four years later while in Germany his Cousin, a Porsche mechanic, brought home a 1973 911 RS. That day forever confirmed Michael’s passion for anything Porsche and he knew that this was the car for him in the future. Michael today is a true Porschephile collecting anything Porsche related, including over 250 collectible Porsche race posters, Christophorus, a concours winning 1989 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe, a 1986 944T and the most recent addition to his collection, a 2016 911 GTS Club Coupe. He travels to Germany every two years to visit both Porsche Factories, Museum and to drive the Nurburgring Nordschleife and organizes 10 day automotive trips for his close “car-guy” friends. Michael has been a UCR member since 1998 and has actively participated in the club’s karting series, fun runs, awards banquet, monthly socials, Concours and earlier in 2015 started with DE and as a volunteer for the Street Survival School. Michael has worked in corporate commercial real estate since 1987 and has developed a strong business acumen and is highly respected in his field. Currently Michael is responsible for National Bank of Canada’s corporate real estate.


Terrence Tong, Vice-President


Terrence Tong, CPA CA has eight years of public accounting/audit/tax experience in both big and small firm environments. Currently he holds a Senior Manager position at Tino Gaetani & Carusi CPA where he focuses on providing tax and business advisory services.

Terrence joined UCR in 2015, and served as Treasurer in 2017 and 2018. As UCR Treasurer, he dutifully performed all responsibilities such as attending all monthly board meetings and preparing monthly financial reports. Additionally during his tenure, he had successfully dealt with CRA and external auditors to rectify historical accounting issues on behalf of UCR. In addition to attending to these responsibilities, Terrence frequently participates in the club’s monthly social events, DE events, driving tours, Concours, new member appreciation events and many more as a volunteer or participant.

If given the honor of leading the club as VP in the upcoming year, Terrence aims to continue oversight of UCR financials and assist the future treasurer to ensure UCR continues in a healthy financial position. In addition, he will continue to maintain strong relationships with UCR advertisers, vendors and dealerships, and assist the President in dealing with club matters, members’ issues, organizing club events and liaising with Porsche Cars Canada and Porsche dealerships.

As UCR is already the largest region in PCA, Terrence will focus on organizing new club events to attract new Porsche owners. To do so, he seeks to maintain a healthy surplus from UCR events during the year to turn Concours into a traditional annual sponsored event, allowing UCR members an opportunity to gather together and showcase their own Porsche collections.

Kathleen Wong, Past President (2017-2018)

kathleen-wong-nov-2016Kathleen joined UCR in 1998 and began actively participating in High Performance Drivers Education (DE) events after she bought her first Porsche, a 2001 Boxster. In 2007, she bought a 1990 944 Turbo S, and turned it into a race car. Kathleen received her PCA Club Racing license in 2008 and competed in Can/Am Challenge Club Race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (aka Mosport) every year since then.

Kathleen joined UCR Board as a Director in 2014. She was the Vice President in 2015 and 2016, and President in 2017 and 2018. She is a member of UCR’s Audit Committee and Club Race Committee. She was the co-chair of monthly Socials from mid-2013 to 2014, the Open House Chair in 2014 and 2015, and the Annual Banquet Chair from 2015 to 2018.  She was the chair of 40th Anniversary Picnic in July 2016 and UCR Picnic (70Years of Porsche Celebration) in June 2018, with over 500 participants at each of the two picnics.

Reducing the deficit of the monthly Provinz magazine has been the hallmark of Kathleen’s presidency. During her tenure, the Board worked on increasing advertising revenue and reducing the cost to produce the magazine. UCR achieved material savings by eliminating envelopes from the mailing of Provinz and switching print shop during 2018. We have been working on a digital version of Provinz by replicating the printed version, and adding embedded links to advertisers’ websites and pictures/videos at UCR events. This will be value-added for both our advertisers and members who want the digital version in addition to the printed magazines.

Kathleen is a CPA, CA and CFA. She is an Equities Analyst at Veritas Investment Research, covering the consumer staples and discretionary sectors.

Kimberly Willis, Secretary

Kim is currently a Business Director with Perennial Design in Toronto, working with some of Canada’s largest clients in the banking sector and specialty retail. Most recently, Kim was on the small project team that designed, built and opened Bauer Hockey’s first ever award-winning retail stores in Boston and Minneapolis. Prior to joining Perennial, Kim co-built and operated Canada’s largest privately owned nordic ski and mountain bike resort just north of Toronto. Kim has loved cars ever since she knew what a car was and has been lucky enough to own four Porsches starting with a 1988 944 Turbo. Kim currently drives a 2014 Cayman which she enjoys as both her daily driver and out on the track.

Terry Cassan, Director

Retired in 2016 after working 37 years for numerous reincarnations of CN Telecommunications – CNCP Tel, Unitel, AT&T Canada LDS, Allstream, MTS Allstream and finally Zayo Canada Inc.

Terry took a four-year break in the mid 80’s when he traveled to Germany and ended up working for the Canadian Armed forces in Lahr.  Terry worked there as a Technician in the CFN Radio/TV station and maintained a string of studio/transmitters from southern Germany up to Holland. So much of his time was spent roaring up and down the Autobahn. It was a tough job.

 Terry got his midlife Porsche in 2006 – a gently used 964, joined the club and enjoyed his involvement with the club race since. First in timing and scoring, got to witness the last of the manual taping now mostly replaced with computers and transponders. But most of his club race time was spent working on the grid really the best place to be if you’re there for the cars. And as club race co-chair in 2017 and 2018. Terry would like to encourage everyone to come out to our annual Can/Am Challenge Club Race, typically the first weekend of August, and cheer on your favorite driver, model or colour. And if you would like to volunteer for the race, Terry will find something interesting for you to do.

Jackie Metcalfe, Director

Jackie was born into an UCR family and attended her first PCA Club Race at Mosport in 1996, the summer before she turned two years old. She has attended nearly every UCR Club Race since then as either a crew member for her dad during the 18 years he raced his 356, as a volunteer at the UCR Goodie Store or more recently at the Grid, graduating to Grid Captain for the 2018 Club Race. Growing up in the country outside of Woodstock, Ontario, Jackie learned to drive around the family property at a young age and has loved being behind the wheel ever since. By the time she got her license, the family had purchased a 1993 968 which she now drives at UCR DE events.

 Jackie is excited to join the UCR Board and contribute new ideas as well as expand her involvement with the Club. She also hopes to encourage and captivate the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts. Previously Jackie held the role of Assistant Director for the University of Guelph’s Environmental Sciences Symposium, focused on providing an opportunity for public, students, academia, and industry to expand their knowledge through workshops and lectures which generated thoughtful and positive discussion about current environmental issues. This role allowed her to help bridge the gap between theoretical based knowledge and real-world application.

 In her spare time, Jackie enjoys hiking, doing stained glass work and catching up on the latest sports updates. Jackie currently resides in Richmond Hill and works for Stantec Consulting as an Environmental Scientist focusing on surface water resources for mining and pipeline related projects.

Peter Oakes, Director

Peter has been a Club member for four years. He drives a 2006 911S Carrera. During his time with the Club, Peter has been UCR’s Club Treasurer, has organized a Fun Run in the Peterborough area and a Targa in Prince Edward County. Peter was born in Montreal where he did his undergraduate degree and became a CPA, CA before obtaining his MBA from The Ivey School of Business. He is semi-retired, a member on three Boards and does consulting as a member of The Oakes Group. During his career, he was a CFO in real estate, construction, manufacturing, insurance and information companies.

He and his wife Beth currently reside in Toronto; and previously lived in Edmonton and San Diego. Beth works with executives providing career advisory, transition and coaching services. They have two children: Ashleigh is a currency trader in Manhattan and is married with three children; Blair lives in Moncton where he is the Human Resources Manager for the Exxon Mobil Business center.


Roger Stopford, Director

Roger is an enthusiast of all things Porsche, and is an activist in building community amongst Porsche owners interested in the technical side of the cars.    From teenage experience working with mechanics in the UK auto shops of family and friends, racing motorcycles and modifying cars for rallying and autocross, Roger has always enjoyed the car world and the company of fellow enthusiasts.   Working on his early Porsches and working with other enthusiasts to maintain these great cars got him hooked on Porsche.   After 20 years with PCA,  Roger is well on the slippery slope that so many fellow enthusiasts know, and owns several of these great cars, including 968 with M030/220, 991.1 C2S PDK, and Cayenne Diesel.   The 968 and C2S have provided several weekends of fun at UCR DE events and road tours, but mostly have served as background to joining and contributing to the DE and UCR community.   Roger’s love of the cars inhibits his zeal on the track but he has resisted buying a track car, so far….    Another slippery slope.

Having worked in Europe and with European companies and family-owned businesses, Roger appreciates the Porsche family history and the challenge of continuing the core brand values into the future, a challenge perhaps shared by PCA as Porsche continues to develop into new directions.

Roger is retired from a career of executive leadership and management in the aerospace and defence industry. but finds lots to do and contribute in his many hobbies and interests in the worlds of equestrian, non-profit Board Director, marine and automotive environments, as well as family spread now across Ontario, UK and Germany.

Dave Walker, Director


Like many people, David thought a Porsche was out of reach for him. David even thought (oh what heresy) that maybe they were overpriced. However, in the early 2000s, he got a chance to drive a few and discovered that both of his thoughts were misconceptions.

In 2008 while living in Alberta, David bought his dream car a 1995 Porsche 911. Within weeks, he and his wife got into their 993 and drove to Ontario. In 2010, David started residing here and joined the UCR chapter of the Porsche Club of America. In 2011, David volunteered at Porscheplatz and continued doing that. As well, he has assisted with driving tours in Muskoka and a track day at Mosport. David was the Concours d’Elegance co-chair in 2018.

David is a Director of the Lake Association, so he is aware of the dynamics of volunteer organizations.  He spent 31 years with the Federal Government , retired in 2010 after serving as an Hearing Manager. That position brought David into contact with the public and certainly helped one to be diplomatic.
David is aware of the time commitment needed and being retired, he has the time to attend Board meetings as well as assist with UCR events. David is honoured to have been asked to be a Director and will serve to the best of his ability for UCR.

Stefan Walther, Director

In 2015, Stefan purchased a Porsche, a new Guards Red Cayman with a six-speed stick shift and many performance goodies. In 2016, Stefan joined the Porsche Club of America, Upper Canada Region, attended a few events, and then in 2017 became very active — hosting five driving tours and volunteering for many other events including socials, the annual picnic, Street Survival School and more. Stefan was awarded 2017 Enthusiast of the Year award.

In 2018, Stefan stepped things up even more taking on official roles as driving tours chair, social media editor and insurance chair, three jobs he thoroughly enjoyed. Stefan has a marketing degree in university. His work experience is a mix of journalism, having worked on staff at several media outlets as well as performed a lot of freelance reporting and editing, and marketing, operating his own successful marketing company for 20 years. Stefan’s volunteer experience includes the humane society and many fundraising events for many different organizations. In his spare time, Stefan likes to pet his cat, Priscilla. Stefan is looking forward to give back even more to this great club and its members, celebrating the awesome Porsche brand.