Vision for the Future

A UCR committee report assessing the past and present, and with recommendations for the future, covering every major aspect of UCR activity

All credit to the past and current volunteers who have built UCR into what it is today – one of the largest and most successful clubs within the PCA’s family of 140 regional clubs. Experience tells us, though, that when things are running smoothly, it’s not the time to sit back and relax, but to look ahead, plan for future challenges and look for new ways to improve the membership experience. We’re faced with questions like, “How will we cope with further growth? How are our members’ needs changing? What external factors could present new challenges?” Of course, there’s no simple answer to such questions, so there’s a risk they could remain unanswered. That’s why UCR President Walter Murray appointed a committee to focus on the big picture issues and develop a vision for the future to not only address the areas requiring attention, but include all areas of UCR activity.

So for several months in 2012 and 2013, UCR Director, Mike Bryan, led a team known as the Vision for the Future committee, comprising Past President Mario Marrello, DE Registrar Brent Muir, Vice President Arthur Quinlan and former President Andy Wright. They started by defining the benefits they hoped a vision for the future would deliver:

– Resolve, or at least, create processes for resolving issues that need to be addressed.
– Help anticipate change.
– Identify priority areas and make proposals on their future direction.
– Provide clarity, direction and common purpose throughout UCR management

Next Steps

The Vision For The Future Committee report was accepted by the UCR board in August 2013. Ensuring that no dust can even begin to settle on it, the Board began focusing discussion on one of the eight subject areas at each subsequent monthly board meeting. In some cases the discussion has led to immediate action, while other topics have been referred to new work groups for further development. The Board is confident that each small step taken will result in a stronger UCR, better equipped to meet members’ needs and ready to face the challenges ahead.

To view the full Vision For The Future Committee Report,

UCR Vision for the Future Committee Final Report June 2013

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any committee member or board member

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