All I Needed

David Rosebush’s 1999 911 Carrera

WHEN I FIRST STARTED LOOKING for a convertible sports car, I knew I wanted a 911. It was the ultimate sports car for me growing up and once when I was in my early 20s my cousin had a Turbo S. He let me drive once and I was hooked.

When I started shopping in 2009 I was mostly constrained by budget, and when I was looking at what I could afford the 996 kept coming up in my price range. I have to admit I may not have done enough due diligence and didn’t realize the issues with the IMS. As far as the looks, not only did I not mind the headlights, I liked them. That they were shared with the Boxster of the same generation did not bother me. I found a convertible C2 base Carrera and realized it was all I needed!

The test drive was great, and everything was as I had imagined. I had found my baby. A pre-purchase inspection found a few minor maintenance issues but no big problem. She was mine for less than the price of my minivan at the time.

Since I am very tall, I had the stock seats taken out and replaced with racing seats bolted to the floor all the way back. Even though I am six feet, eight inches tall, I manage to fit. I have also replaced the stock stereo with a Kenwood unit that has Apple CarPlay. Other than that, just some routine maintenance. When I first got it, I did have the IMS replaced and at the same time the clutch and rear master seal were all done.

I have used the Porsche for weekend getaways, some DE one year (I hope to get back), a number of fun runs, and for most of my summer driving. I have also made it to some social events, the most memorable was the 70th anniversary of Porsche UCR picnic, how awesome to see all those beautiful Porsches! I hope to keep my baby running for many more years! </>

Story and photos provided by David Rosebush.

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