Autocross 2010

Next Autocross to be held Sunday, Oct 10 2010 9:30am, 1 Century Place, Woodbridge

Autocross is a performance driving event involving the navigation of your car through a defined course of pylons. Although an Autocross is normally a competitive event, in the UCR we try to make it more educational, so the goal is to improve your time around the course and learn what it takes to do that. It provides a safe and effective way to develop your driving skills.

The event is run in a restricted area and the speeds are lower than what you’d legally find on the road; however, the level of concentration, attention to vehicle feedback and car control makes it a fun, exiting and educational experience. Participants improve their driving abilities, better understand the handling and dynamics of their vehicles and become better, safer drivers.

Participants new to performance driving are most welcome. No car modifications are needed, and the cost is very low ($30). UCR has a wireless electronic timing system and every run is precisely timed and recorded, along with penalties for each pylon tipped.

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