Awards Season

THE ANNUAL BANQUET, one of PCA UCR’s big signature events, is usually the place where hard-working volunteers are recognized and awarded. This was another unfortunate cancellation due to the coronavirus and resultant group restrictions, but two biggies were still presented last month, at the virtual social, to two very-deserving recipients — Kathleen Wong for Outstanding Achievement and Christopher Hebert for Enthusiast of the Year.

Kathleen Wong, who joined UCR in 1998, received the inaugural Outstanding Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution to the club. She started volunteering in 2013, won the 2014 Enthusiast of the Year Award and joined the board of directors that year as a director. She has held the positions of vice-president, president and past president and during this time has organized and worked on internal audit, membership retention, open house, socials, annual picnic, annual banquet, and the bi-monthly E-blasts. “I wanted to truly recognize Kathleen for all of her hard work and support she has given our club and the board over the years,” commented Michael Pohlmann, outgoing PCA UCR president. “We have never given out this award before so I brought it forward to the board and received unanimous approval.”

Congratulations to Christopher Hebert who won the 2020 Enthusiast of the Year Award. He joined PCA UCR in 2017 and brought the club to the next level by launching Provinz Digital in February 2020 and UCR-TV in September. He is also the advocate of the Special Interest Group 996, is active as a volunteer at many events, in particular offering his technical expertise for this year’s many virtual socials, assisting the club in successfully adapting during the pandemic. Last month Chris was elected to the 2021 Board of Directors.

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