Border Crossing 2022

Special Notes To Our American Visitors

Please look up and adhere to the most up to date federal, provincial and state guidelines for COVID-19 border crossing and international travel. You must use ArriveCAN app to provide mandatory travel and public health information before and after your entry into Canada.

The process of crossing the border can be simple and quick with the proper preparation.

There are 2 basic categories.


Process for transport company moving team equipment or company cars.

  • Use the Truck/Commercial lanes at the border
  • Print and bring the CBSA Letter and bond (ref link below)
  • Print and bring the CanAm 2022 Promoter Letter (ref link below)
  • Complete and print an inventory of truck contents (ref detail inventory link below)
  • Proof of Citizenship for all occupants (ref proof of Citizenship bellow)
  • Arrive at border and be prepared to show Canada Customs all of the above documents if they ask.
  • There are several options for border crossing paperwork


Process for owners or race team carrying their personal race car and items.

  • Use the Car or R/V lanes at the border
  • Have proof of ownership on hand, i.e, registration, title or logbook
  • Print and bring the CBSA Letter and bond (ref link below)
  • Print and bring the CanAm 2022 Promoter Letter (ref link below)
  • Complete and print inventory of trailer contents (ref individual inventory link below)
  • Proof of Citizenship for all occupants (ref proof of Citizenship bellow)

Please check this Rennlist forum border crossing discussion.

Carnet for cross-border race cars – Rennlist – Porsche Discussion Forums

Customs Broker

We have been in touch with several customs brokers that have experience in this field.

Merchant Customs Brokers Ltd.:
Gaby Timerman
Merchant Customs Brokers Ltd.
1905 55th Avenue|Dorval Quebec  H9P 1G9 | Canada
Tel: (514)636-0121 ext 219 |Fax: (514) 636-9093

Michael Beler (PCA racer) at Bilsi brokers is happy to stick handle any TIB temporary import bond paperwork for a flat fee of $250.

He can be contacted at Please cc his employee Jeremy who will take point on these requests:

Livingston International:
Tammy Cerkez
MSD Manager of Service Delivery
Phone: 519 478 9000 ext. 22131
Mobile: 519 965 8599
Fax: 519 737 0771 or 1 866 548 4685
Toll Free: 1 866 548 7277
3455 North Talbot Oldcastle Ont
Important Documents and information:

2022 CBSA Letter and Bond for CTMP (Print and have on hand)

CanAm 2022 Promoter Letter (Print and have on hand)

Example detail inventory (Complete, Print and have on hand)

Example individual inventory (Complete, Print and have on hand)

Proof of Citizenship:

You will require proof of citizenship at Customs. A passport or birth certificate plus photo ID will be required. For latest info go to

Customs Information Regarding Race Cars and Non-Licensed Vehicles:

(a) Make sure you have something that proves that you own the race car you are bringing in: ownership, registration, V.I.N. #, etc.

(b) Make a list of the race equipment you have in your car, trailer or tow vehicle. You don’t need to list every socket, but a good overall inventory will help, especially if you have big expensive items (e.g. compressors, generators, extra tires and wheels).

(c) Promotional goods for sale are not allowed.


Guns must be declared at the border. Customs may hold all guns at the border, issue a receipt and return the gun on re-entry to the USA. An option would be to fill out a “Non-resident firearms declaration form” for a fee of $50Cdn and authorized by a customs agent. If you fail to declare and the gun is found, you risk confiscation and criminal proceedings. We strongly recommend that you do not bring guns into Canada.

Rules of the road

(a) Radar / Laser detectors are illegal in Canada and will be confiscated if found in a vehicle. You will also be fined. Police forces in Canada are equipped with both radar and laser guns and are using them everywhere, particularly on the multi-lane highways.

(b) Canadian laws require that driver and all passengers wear seatbelts.

(c) The speed limit on 400 series hwy are 100kph or 62mph. Typically 80kph on secondary roads.

(Ontario has reciprocal ticket agreement with many states)

Alcohol and Drugs:

(a) You will be allowed to import 1 40oz. bottle of liquor or wine or 1 case (24) of beer per person over 19yrs.

(b) Illegal drugs are prohibited. If in possession, you will be arrested and subject to prosecution.

(c) Prescription drugs, please provide prescription proof if requested.

For additional information contact Canada Customs at: 1-416-973-8022 or visit their web-site at