Bought Sight Unseen

HAD BEEN LOOKING for a Boxster for a year or so, just about exhausted my Canada search, when David Nourse of Kennedy Ford in Oakville told me about a Porsche Boxster that he was getting in from a car-collector customer of his. David hadn’t seen the car in a few years, but said it was in very good condition. David and I were Rotary buddies and I did what every used Porsche buyer is not supposed to do, buy it sight unseen!

Flash forward to April 2013, good news, not only was the Boxster in excellent condition, it was a 2004 Anniversary Edition Boxster S with only 29,000 kilometres. Currently we have 70,000 kilometres and along with regular maintenance, have replaced the following: new clutch, IMS, RMS, AOS, overflow plastic tank (split), water pump, and just replaced Pilot Super Sport tires with a set of Pilot 4S.

I can’t wait for spring. Looking forward to a Maritimes run this fall, postponed from last spring, with fellow UCR members. —Calvin Balcom

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