Boxstering the Blue Ridge

*Shunpiking is the art of avoiding toll roads

Skyline_driveWRBy Guenter Gamauf, UCR Member Photos by Guenter Gamauf and Michelle Gamauf

(from Provinz April 2014, page 26)

Ever since buying my first Porsche, a Boxster, in 2006 my wife, Michelle, and I have enjoyed taking it on at least one road trip a year. 2013 was no different, except for one detail. On July 25, Christmas came five months early for me as I took delivery of my new 2014 Boxster S, which I had custom-ordered several months earlier. By the third week in August, I had just finished with that agonizing, 3,000 km of break-in period. On this trip, I would be able to enjoy the full sound of the Symphony in Flat Six as it crescendoed into the 7,000 rpm range.  click here to read whole story…

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