Can’t Beat That Boxster Feeling

NOT JUST AN AMAZING SPORTS CAR, it’s an even greater touring car. The Boxster excels in both categories. My neighbour Ben Quan and I have taken many long road trips (“No Dust Collecting Here!” July 2020) for three or more weeks and up to over 13,000 kilometres. My wife Carol and I have taken many more trips as well.

Why so great? Driving, handling and appearance. Long-distance comfort, seats are the absolute best, some days sitting for over 800 kilometres. Room for luggage, cooler and other essentials.

We would often arrive under the portico at our hotel, front and back lid up, and while unloading everything onto a luggage cart people would say, “I can’t pack that much into my Lincoln and, by the way, where’s the engine?” We have a great love for top-down driving, be it open-road highway, challenging mountain curves, or the slower roads that meander through many of the national parks in both the US and Canada. You just can’t beat that Boxster feeling! —Merrill Howard

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