Cars & Coffee: C17

WITH A GROWING MEMBERSHIP and increased demand on all events, especially casual ones that require no pre-registration and no payment, PCA Upper Canada Region has launched a new series of cars and coffees. Moreover, we are seeking out partners and venues that are unique and may be of particular interest and excitement to the membership. The first one kicked off Sunday, May 15 at C17 Auto Armour where over 70 Porsches and their owners gathered for a sunny Sunday morning full of caffeine and camaraderie — and croissants.

Porsches of all vintages, of all potencies, and even of all colours drove in for the event at C17 Auto Armour’s sprawling complex in Richmond Hill. C17 is not only the high-quality purveyor of paint-protection film (PPF), windshield protection film (not only for the regular road but also including tear-offs for the race track), striking vehicle graphics including race liveries, and more, its parent company C17 Media is also the high-quality printer of the glossy fine magazine in your hands.

A very special guest on display was the Pfaff Motorsports’ striking plaid GT3 R racecar, which C17 protects and provides for. If it is good enough for the multiple-race-winning plaid Pfaff GT3 R under constant gruelling conditions, it’s certainly beyond good enough for your Porsche.

Special thanks to C17 President Chris Pereira for hosting our club, and bringing in the delicious Fleets Coffee truck.

Mark your calendar for the next UCR Cars and Coffee events: June 12 at Pfaff Autoworks’ new location in Markham, June 18 at the new dealership of Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto, July 17 at RCLUB in Toronto with a special focus on 911 Classic Icons (but all are invited to come out), and Aug. 21 at Porsche Centre North Toronto. At least one more is being planned for autumn. </>

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